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  1. way2real

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    What is the best method of picking up leaves commercially for the fall season? What kind of equipment would I need?
  2. joshco84

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    walkers with a lift to dump in the back of a pickup with dump bed are nice. the old company i worked for had billy goats and they sucked, or i didnt like them anyways.
  3. jgp Landscaping

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    ur best bet is to get a stihl br600 they r one of the best backpack blowers on the market and there incredibly powerful, id also get a little wonder push blower, if u dont want to waste more money on a debris loader then id get a tarp and blow the leaves on the tarp and dispose of them ur own way:)
  4. topsites

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    You do as you wish, but in my experience you really need at least 1,000 tube cfm's at 200mph turbine air, or it just takes forever.

    A push blower is a neat idea, here again the 5hp's are a waste of money, you need at least 8hp's to do anything commercially, I bought my 10hp my first year and with 2,400 cfm's this bad boy makes a short afternoon out of the worst of cleanups, never once has a yard taken me more than 4 hours (for the blowing part). 2,400 cfm's is enough power to strip gravel driveways, blow trashcans and chairs and bbq's out of the way, even mid-size sticks and branches are no match for a 10hp push blower, definitely the way to go when you want to earn your keep today.

    The purchase price is usually the show-stopper, roughly speaking push blowers run you $100 per horse, so a 10hp = 1,000 to make the math simple, 8hp is 800, and so on... But if money is a problem and you must compromise, then get the br600 and skip the push. Don't forget the days are short and the nights bring frost, by the time the leaves are unfrozen it's hard to get much more than 6-8 hours into a day, so cfm's are a must-have, more is better, always.
    You can use the br600 throughout the rest of the season as well, to blow clippings and what have you, it's a royal fine tool.

    Loading them up, once again it's up to you, but a leaf sucking trailer runs like 6-8 thousand, I've been piling the leaves with blowers then rake+tarp for that very reason, sux but that's a lot of money.

    See this guy's either smart or well on his way there.
    The br600 puts out 700cfm's at 200mph (tubed), the biggest issue with force air is not with light dry cleanups...
    Heck, any blower can handle the fluff, but when the leaves get rained on and they're skinny or heavy stuff gets mixed in with dirt and frost and then piles 3-4 feet high, THAT's when the power makes all the difference.

    At that point you either got enough power to move the leaves, or (get this) the leaves don't move. Yeah, sometimes you can compromise and the work just takes longer, but other times you either have enough power or you are stuck.

    The br600 is powerful enough to move acorns and gumballs too, also most lights sticks and small branches are no match for this beauty, definitely the 'lightest' tool I use that time of year... I am so anal about cfm's I use a 300 cfm handheld in my left hand and hit that crap with both blowers for a combined force of just over 1,000 cfm's, and that gets the job done...
    Thou the br600 by itself is not bad, not bad at all.
  5. Stillwater

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    haveing someone else do it.......
  6. joshco84

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    i do like eshkies idea also.
  7. Sydenstricker Landscaping

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    I just blow the beds out into the lawn, then run it over with my mowers. Cleans it right up and can either dump the bag into the woods or the truck
  8. APV's Mowing

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    just wondering do you charge by the job or by the hour, and also how many times do you come back for one house, i have an echo shred n' vac blower, rake, and tarp, also a brand new commercial toro with bag, side discharge, and mulch so i dn what im going to do but i was thinking 20 an hour or so, also im only doing my lawn costomers so i dn if i would just do it when i mow or what...im not sure yet, first year for fall clean-ups and i have about 15 costomers

    JABBERS LawnSite Senior Member
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    I use a BR600 and a jrco leaf plow on my exmark works great.
  10. wahlturfcare

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