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  1. Lawnut101

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    I've been thinking about this too. I'm leaning toward the idea of charging by the hour, because this is the only way that it is fair for you and the customer. You can still give them a quote, but try and base it off of how much time it will take you. As far as charging 20/hr, I know that a lot of guys on here will think that your nuts, but here is what I'm gonna do. This year I'm gonna advertise heavily for fall cleanups. I'm gonna charge my existing customers (mowing accounts) around 20 per man per hour (2 man crew). But with any new customers that I pick up, I'm gonna try charging more like 40 per man per hour, because I'm in the early stages of business and I want to experiment a little. I want to see what the market can bare around here. I will either be the lowest priced (doubt it), in the middle(that's what I'm expecting), or the highest (very unlikely). But, charge what you KNOW you can get from your good customers, and charge what you want to see if you can get from other people. Good luck to you. Brant

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    I have a charge per job plus I add on an hourly rate. The leaf plow is so fast and efficient that you tend to loose money if you just do an hourly rate. When I use my leaf plow everyone wants to watch. I use no tarps and rake very little.
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    I wouldn't vary your prices from customer to customer. Definitely charge $40 per hour though. it's impossible to estimate exactly how long a clean up will take so charge per hour, make sure you work hard though. 20 is cheating yourself especially if you have professional equipment

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    I agree $20/hr way to cheap. We are all professionals with expensive equipment. The way I look at it is you have to put a price on your time. My regulars get a better price than just a 1st time customer. When I do a clean up I usually have 2 backpack blowers and a 60inch exmark with the leaf plow all running at the same time with 2 guys. I have to charge more than just the 2 man hrs for an hour. Sometimes I have a 8hp push blower running too.
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    So what do you charge your regulars vs. your 1 timers?
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    $20 is way too cheap if u are using pro equipment. U gotta think about the gas it takes to get to the job/s, power your stuff, pay for any wear and tear, and so on. $40/hr is closer to right I'd say ( per man hr)
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    $20/hr? Forget that! I can stay at my regular job and make that on overtime sitting on my butt and not having to fool with with hassle of equipment and fuel! $40/hr? MAYYYYYYYYYYBE....if I average in my drive time to get there and back. If I ain't making AT LEAST $60/hr in the time I spend on the job, I look at it like I've lost money. Remember my opening line. $20/hr, on my butt doing next to nothing.
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    I agree with you, however, I don't have a booming business yet and I have very low overhead. I will be making plenty of money charging 40/man. Next year as my business grows, then I can get into the 60/man hour range.
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    What is that ? Got pix?
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    thank you for all of your input...i live in the neighborhood i mostly work in and im 16...if i said 40 dollars an hour people would laugh at me and slam their door in my face, they all think im the neighbor kid and blah blah blah...i think ill see how it goes with the first couple costomers

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