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  1. Shopkeeper

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    I just got a call and this person wants me to clean up the leaves in their yard. I wasn't planning on doing leaves, but I'm not going to turn away business. I have researched a little but I need to know how much to charge....I was thinking $30/hr.
  2. S L C

    S L C LawnSite Senior Member
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    Kind of depends on what you are using for equipment / where the leaves are being dumped ..... etc......................:confused:
  3. Lawnut101

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    Are you gonna hand rake them and leave them somewhere on their property? If so, $30/hr seems fine. But if your using some equipment, you should probably charge at least $40/hr, but probably more like $50-60/hr. I've done jobs for around what your thinking of charging, but it was because I needed the jobs.
  4. Shopkeeper

    Shopkeeper LawnSite Member
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    I ended up charging $35/hr but I feel I went too low. Next time I'll have to go higher. I'll really be able to tell if I went too low once I actually do the job.

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