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    What do you guys do with leaves at properties? I have one place I've used my ztr with mulching blades & a chute blocker to mulch all the leaves in the grass. Is it better to blow the leaves off the lawn & bag them? Should I buy a bagger for my ztr? I used my Toro Timemaster yesterday to do a property with a lot of leaves on it. I put the bagger on it & every 2 passes I had to stop & dump (luckily this has a bit of woods at their house). That method was very time consuming however. There is a dump in my city but no one is allowed to dump there so I have to drive to another city any time I have to dump something. I've even thought about buying a cyclone rake. Just trying to be more efficient with leaf cleanups. Any suggestions or greatly appreciated.
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    Blow leaves out of beds and corners and curb lines. Grind them up with the mower. Go over them with the bagger. Put leaves onto Isuzu landscape truck unless I am able to make them disappear somewhere on the property or another nearby location I have. Whatever’s available and fastest. If not I dump them on a lot out of town and burn Them. Some areas are faster to rake into Tarp and haul away if the wind has already piled them up when you arrive. If you mulch them up really good before you bag you can hold a significant amount more before you have to dump them. Any additional minuscule pieces will fall through the grass canopy and at organic matter to the soil.
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    It all depends on the client expectations. I live in the city with no municipal vac trucks. Everyone here expects the leaves to be completely removed, not mulched. Like wise when dealing with upscale, high quality turf mulching massive amounts of leaves and grinding them into dormant Bermuda just sets up problems durning spring green up. Everything is taken to a green waste dump site.
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    next year planning on buying this for next year. seems pretty simple. i think i can pay for it in 1 fall if i hustle. this is the route im going to go.. i already have a mower and a trailer .. this would just be another tool i can make a good return on.. prolly charge twice the price of the yard and maybe a dump fee depending.
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    Figure out the time needed. Leaves are a pain. Twice the cost of a lawn cutting? Some of mine are 10-20x the cost of a regular mowing. The 2 prices aren’t correlated.
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    Use your blower to push the leaves into the wooded area then bag the rest, much easier.
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    Blow out of beds then mow into a circle then rake onto a tarp the mulched up leaves and drag to the woods. It decreases the volume of leaves and you can haul more that way
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    There’s a dump
    But no one is allowed to use it?
    Who dumps there then???

    What works for leaves?
    Anything that works

    If what you’re doing looks good, makes your customers happy and makes you money... do it.

    If one of those things isn’t going well then you need to change something

    If you want to collect grass clippings and leaves just know it will cost you more in equipment and time and so you will need to charge the customer more.

    In the past I have built compost bins for customers, and dumped their yard waste there
    I encouraged them to add organic table scraps and occasionally I’d turn over the compost pile with my small tractor for them (I’ve used a dingo before too)
    Then used their own compost to make or dress up their vegetable gardens/flower beds.

    So I charged them more to collect
    I charged them to build the compost bin
    I charged them to turn it over
    And I charged them to build or refresh garden beds.

    That’s called upselling
    Not every customer is going to buy every idea you ever have

    Most customers are going to be satisfied with what you are currently doing.
    Some won’t
    When they express they want more
    Offer it to them, at a price
    They may just settle back down to keep going with what you already do.

    More than once, in my case, I sold more compost bins and garden boxes after I did it for neighbors
    People are funny like that, they get jealous and need what someone else has.

    After I got a bagging attachment (not just a grass catcher) people would ask me what it was for and why I didn’t use it on their yard (sitting in the trailer)
    So... I would explain it to them... the whole process , don’t leave anything out (including extra cost) or pretentious people who assume because you have it you can use if for them and haul away the waste for no extra charge....
    Don’t make THAT mistake!

    Same thing happens to me with aerators.
    If I strap it to a trailer and it goes for a ride, people ask about it.
    If it hides in my garage, no one sees it; they don’t ask... I get busy/lazy and don’t market it..

    Anytime you invest in a new service or process market it
    It’s something i need to get better at.
    I’m akways so busy managing what I’ve already got going on... I don’t go get more
  10. Jake the grass guy

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    no way i can get that in my city.. your saying a 45$ 0.25 acre yard that takes me 30 min to cut blow and weed eat i can charge 450$? even if it takes me an extra hour.. that price wont fly unless its an absolutely covered property in the woods or something that would require multiple stops. most of my clients are subdivisions with a handful of mature trees.

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