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  1. Greencuts518

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    I bid a job the other day and after piling up the leaves trapped in tall grass I couldn't believe how many leaves I had. Lol, not sure where they all came from.
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  2. Charles

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    That's the problem with estimating leaves. I have done jobs where there were more leaves blown up against the houses than on the lawn. Very deceiving at first glance. Like the leaves buried in high grass. Leaves matted down
  3. ArTurf

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    In the early days I screwed myself royally bidding leaf jobs. I finally learned. It's easy to underestimate the time and work needed to do leaves.
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  4. ArTurf

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    I assume you mean you do it for the same cost as mowing the lawn. In some cases you can actually do it in less time than a regular mowing since grass is not growing and trimming is not required
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  5. Groomer

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    I can see that for Texas, the new England states, not so much.
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  6. knox gsl

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    The first leaf cleanup I did at my current home was like this 2 years worth of leaves to be hauled off a half acre lawn. About 3 tons of matted wet oak leaves shortly after moving to TN and at the time it was a fully wooded lot. That was an eye opener as I was one of these just mulch them guys before then. These southern guys saying just run over them with the mower don't deal with the volume. I do miss having pine trees in the yard and never having to buy pine straw for the beds.
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  7. Digitaria Sanguinalis

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    I'm in the south or what some consider the south (Oklahoma). Customers in my urban area don't tolerate leaves mulched and ground into dormant Bermuda. Nor do I want to deal with the consequences of the thinning Bermuda in the spring from smothering the grass. It might work for Fescue or KBG but is detrimental to dormant Bermuda. I also don't have the luxury to just dump the leaves in the woods like many suggest.

    Moral of the story, everything must be taken into consideration when bidding leaf jobs. It's foolish to listen to what other charge or their procedures without knowing all variables to ones environment.
  8. Jake the grass guy

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    did the same day on a job the other day.. i was in a hurry bid it real quick and it was very deceiving how many were piled up against the house and fence but the yard wasnt bad.. live and learn i suppose.
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  9. Koehn's Lawn Service

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    Very good point. We go over leaves 1 time with mulcher just to knock down piles and than we go over yard couple times sucking it up and bagging it so yard is very clean. My customers would not be happy if they walked around the yard and seen a bunch of crushed up leaves in yard and I don't like it either I want them clean. That is why I only go over it once with mulcher so we don't crush leaves up so fine I can't get it sucked u with bagger.
  10. ArTurf

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    Another great benefit is the premulched leaves have a lot less volume, meaning you are emptying the mower less and taking up less room in the dump trailer or whatever you use to haul off with.

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