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  1. sglawn

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    I have a question...i thought you guys might be able to help. I am going to bag leaves with my mower this year for my customers that want the service, but my problem is I don't know what to do with the leaves after I Pick them up. Do you guys bag them or just put them in the truck bed and then dump them somewhere or what? What is the fastest and most economical way to pick up leaves? I appreciate any responses!
  2. LB Landscaping

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    What do you have for equipment??? We blow leaves out of beds, pick them up with my Walker if they are not to deep. If they are we use blowers (backpack & walk behind) to blow them to the truck. Then fire up the loader and suck them into the dump bed.
  3. sglawn

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    LB, I have a 48" snapper hydro walkbehind, I was going ot blow them out of the beds with my blower and then use my mower to suck them into a bagger thats on my mower. but i didn't know what is the easiest and fastest way to deal with them after that.
  4. Matts Mowing

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    On the average leaf cleanup I do the following:
    1 - Grab blower and blow out all flower beds, rock beds, etc...
    2 - Jump on Bobcat bagger and mow them up and dump in the back of the truck.
    3 - End of the day or when full dump at the yard waste recycle dump.

    I charge approx $50 hr including dump fee and I also offer to blow out the gutters for an extra $40-50... :)
  5. bushtrimmer

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    Just a little helpful tip.
    Have gator blades on the two left blades and a high lift blade on the right. After you blow out the beds onto the lawn, mow the lawn w/out emptying the bagger. Then pick up allready shredded leaves with mower, emptying bagger when full.
    Shredded leaves take up much less space and using this method some leaves will stay on yard, not noticeable to average person though.
    If you have space to compost leaves, they will reduce to less than half their volume by spring. And come fall will be a good soil amendment for landscaping.

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