Lebanon Fert's vs. Lesco Fert's

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by sniggly, Feb 3, 2005.

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    Okay.......I'm bored. It's been raining here for 3 days and I keep getting chased back into the house when I go out and attempt to finish my paver install........so.........my brain wanders where it will. Besides I am tired of reading posts about licensure, permagreen, etc.

    Did some calling around today - just checking on Lebanon turf fert pricing vs. Lesco. Here's what caught my ear; I was told I WILL, and I emphasize WILL, get 16 weeks of controlled release from their 23-4-8.

    Question 1: Has anyone experienced this? Is it true?

    If I compare the cost per k, assuming we sterilize the cost down to the material only, say Lesco 24-2-11 with Lebanon 23-4-8.....the Lebanon is 85 cents higher per k (and I think you get 1k less sqft in the Lebanon bag). Here's the kicker though.......and I haven't followed through on the mathematical side of this yet.......but if the 16 week release is real, I could, in theory, reduce my annual prop visit schedule by 2 visits. THHEEENNNNNNNnnnn we get into the real cost of a visit bla bla bla. Thinkin on my fingers here......hmmmmmmmm....

    Anyone pondered this? Changed from SCU to Lebanon stuff.....and saved money?

    Thanks Yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. sjj14

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    I played around with this theory when I was in the golf world(it was'nt my money i was playing with, ha-ha) and on paper it works........but mother nature usually has a say in this theory. Lets say you try it and it rains for a week directly following the app. do you think your gonna get that kind of coverage? I usually found that some follow up remedy or re-app was necessary and did you save $ by doing this? If your treatments and mother nature cooperate fully it should save you $ but how often would you be willing to bet on that!
  3. sniggly

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    ........according to the Lebanon 'dude'.......now I can't remember what the guy said. Anyway, I think he said something about the release rate not being affected by elements such as rainfall etc. Sounds wrong I know......but....I am going to have to call him back tomorrow I guess.
  4. philk17088

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    It depends on what type of slow release N it is.

    I use Lebanon and it's a much better fert than Lesco in my opinion.
  5. kfish

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    I have access to both Lebanon & Lesco. Haven't checked the Lebanon prices yet for '05 but saw a couple of Lesco's prices on line the other day - one was up about 6% & another was about 18% ! My lebanon dealer is about 3 minutes from my house sooooo....
  6. Why don't you post the labels for the two products!

    In other words, we need alot more info
  7. sniggly

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    I read your post and thought......not a bad idea. I don't have a lot of time this morning to do a thorough search but greenbook.net didn't have the label for their product...or I didn't see it.

    Here is a link to their website that list technical data sheets for the product line. http://www.lebanonturf.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=prd.product_details&pid=324

    Bear in mind these are not labels. I'll have to look better later.

  8. kfish

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    Good point. Sorry about that.

    Merit .2% 0-0-7 2004 $44.70 - 2005 $64.75
    MACH 2 1.33% 24-5-11 2004 $45.00 - 2005 $54.70
    MOMENTUM 21-0-12E W&F 2004 $23.48 - 2005 $25.65
  9. Go to that link,
    look to right, click on product info, you get the label

    need a link or label for other product (lesco)
  10. sniggly

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    Okay....I guess a technical data sheet can be a label.

    Here is the link to the Lesco comparative label http://www.lesco.com/?PageID=27&ItemNumber=082918
    The label is on the right side of the screen.

    Just as a reminder, I am more interested in knowing if someone can verify through 1st hand experience the claim that this Lebanon product will actually last 16 weeks. Please don't tell me to read the information that the company provides. We all know that information provided by a company about it's own product is advertisement that can MOSTLY be backed up by practical application. I rely on labels mostly for their legal content, then claimed product specifications after that.

    kfish - The prices you list for those combo products are very close to what I was quoted.

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