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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by David Gretzmier, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. David Gretzmier

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    I was wondering what if any warm white bi-pins ( path lights, so 360 degrees of light) are out there in 20 watt equivalent ( lets say 200 lumens and up ) that you guys are using. I have tried a few a couple years back, and am looking to do a test on a dozen or so coming up. any thoughts ?
  2. Legacy LMG

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    I think Unique Lighting's LED's are the best in the industry. I am a big unique guy so I may be a little biased.
  3. Illumicare

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    Hello David. Please take a look at our lineup of miniature omni-directional LED lamps. We offer the industry's only full line of LED miniature lamps; all of which have been specifically designed for use in outdoor / landscape lighting applications.

    You can learn more about our BiPin LED lamps here: http://www.illumicaregroup.com/2010/09/led-g5-3-bi-pin/

    We offer miniature LED lamps in S8 Wedge, T5 Wedge, G5.3 BiPin, G4 BiPin and SCB configurations.

    I think you will find the right product to suit your application.
  4. indylights

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    Is Unique still selling the LED lamps that come in the box that says "not intended for outdoor use"? One of their sales guy was talking about the LED lamps they sell at a show last year, handed me one in the box, and when I pointed that out to him, his only comment was "I hadn't noticed that before". All I could do was hand him back the box and walk away.

    Scott Maloney
    Sunflower Landscapes
  5. NightScenes

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    That's funny!
  6. Lite4

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    Ha, that's great!
  7. S&MLL

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    I would not say Illumicare is a warm white. But a good retro for minis
  8. Groundfxlandscape

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    Are you serious Illumicare that is the worse looking LED that I have seen by anyone. I don't know if I would be telling anyone about that thing. I would keep that on the DL. I am a huge Unique guy and I would take a serious look at the new Flex LED retro fits from Unique. Hands down the best LED on the market today, and the pricing is outstanding. The bulb is a 2W 200 Lumen and a CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) rating of 3000K. It has a an L70 of 20,000 hrs. and 2 year warranty. It's rated as if you ran the thing straight for 2 two years 24/7. It realistically should last about 6-8 years. It has a CRI (Color Rendering Index) index of 84 with halogen being the reference at 100. Most LED's have a CRI rating of 75. It has a voltage rating from 10-18V. It has been LM-80 and LM-79 thermally tested which proves that it can thermally manage the heat and run properly. I know I sound like a rep., but I just came off a Home and Garden show where I have pushing the thing for the past ten days. If Unique will stamp their name on the thing than that is good enough for me. Toro sought out the best LED people in the country to put this thing together so it is not been willy nillied together. I will step down from my soap box now, but hopefully that helps. Unique has all the info on their website under the FLEX tab.
  9. indylights

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    A two year warranty and a 20,000 expected life for an LED seems to be almost not even worth it. That's not much longer life the the halogen lamps I currently use. And just to be clear, I use some Unique fixtures (although not as much as I used to for several reasons) so I'm not anti-Unique. It just seems that when they realized their 24 volt system was pretty much a waste of time, they got kind of lost. On a side note, I am the only one who thinks 3000K is not a warm white?

    Scott Maloney
    Sunflower Landscapes
  10. Alan B

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    Groundfx... that's not a nice nor appropriate first sentence for your first post.

    Regarding warm white, in the LED world there is such a wide gamut of color temps 2600K-7000K, that the ranges with-in each definition/color description are wider. Warm White for LEDs can range from 2600-3500k or more. With halogen lamps in Landscape Lighting we are used to warm white as 2600-2800 (almost a touch of warm orange/incandescent feels), 3000k a true white (like a GE Constant Color) and anything above 3200 as usually too cold/stark. In LED 3000K is considered warm white because it is so warm compared to the 4000 and 5000+K that LEDs can often come in. If you are looking for what landscape lighters are used to when they say warm white you really need to go down to a 2800K. Warm white really has two different expectations depending on whether you are in the LED industry or halogen/landscape lighting. They are both right, the better description is to use the actually binning temp (i.e. 2800-2900K).

    As an example our Infiniti Integrated LED fixtures truly are warm white (2600-2800K) can are even slightly yellower/warmer than most halogens (type look more like a Ushio warm white halogen). Our Infiniti Retrofit LED MR16 Bulbs are warm white (2800-3000k) but look closer to a a GE Constant Color Halogen, so even though its warm white LED, it would be considered a regular white in halogen (it looks just like a halogen). IMHO 3000-3200K and you get a little colder than most are used to.

    Lastly, with LED you do get much better lumens the cooler the white, so by making a VERY warm white (2600-2900K) you are reducing the effective lumens you could get if you selected a cooler color temp. For this reason we went with the slightly cooler color temp for the retro bulbs to get more lumens. The integrated LED fixtures have more powerfull heat sinks and drivers so we could get all the lumens we needed and thus accept the lower lumens of a VERY warm white 2600-2800K color.
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