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    I have a customer with approximately 40 older, average quality, MR16 bullet-type lights.

    He is wanting to add quite a few lights but the transformers and wiring is about maxed out.

    If changing out the lamps to LED is the only option price-wise to accommodate the additional lights, which type bulb, supplier, vendor, etc. would you recommend? Existing bulbs are 20W, 35W, and 50W 36 degree.

    Obviously, I am not versed at all with the LED conversion bulbs.

    Thanks / Regards,

  2. Steve Atkinson

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    Hi Mex,

    Brilliance offers direct replacement lamps specifically engineered for landscape lighting usage. These high-quality LED lamps carry some of the highest IP ratings so you and your client will be assured they will provide many years of good service.

    The Brilliance website has listings for dealers in your area: http://www.brillianceled.com/retail/usamap_SC.html

    When choosing to retrofit an existing system, be certain that the fixtures are weathertight and in good working condition. With the life expectancy at approximately 50,000hrs, Brilliance lamps will outlast the "hardware".

    Good luck on your project.
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    I wanted to see more answers from the experts but I will give you my take in the meantime.

    I see three leaders: Brilliance (as already represented by Steve);
    Illumicare, and Unique.

    Maybe there are others that are in the same league but no one but these three are providing enough information about their retrofits.

    Many years ago when I was in auto sales, I learned your product was only as good as you presented it. Some competitor's product might have the same specs or features but if they didn't present those specs, then I won the sale.

    I don't see the other LED manufacturers providing all the specs. That worries me. I'm assuming that their LEDs are not the same quality of the three I mentioned.

    One other factor in your choice of retrofit LEDs is distribution. Who among them is easiest for you to obtain in a short time? I know I can get Illumicare sent quickly from Canada. I have tried to use Brilliance but I haven't gotten good response from the company about a dealer near me with ample stock in various wattage and beam spreads.
    (Steve tried for me but the company headquarters did not follow up.)
    I have wanted to try Unique (handled by irrigation dealers near me) but so far none has responded to my inquiries with prices and a promise of ample stock.
  4. Illumicare

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    Thanks for the mention Phil!
    Hi Mex,
    I think you will find that Illumicare lamps will suit your project well. You can find all of our specifications on our website below. Additionally, with four different color temperatures, you can give the project a whole new facelift, not just a retrofit!
    I'd be happy to help you cross reference, or experiment with different looks. Feel free to PM me, or let us know, and we can have our rep in your area contact you.
    Also, if you want to sample and experiment on your own, a sample kit of our lamps at a discounted price is available from our store.

    John Higo

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