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    Here's a little summary of what is available in regards of warranty and rated hours.

    Feel free to add.

    Soraa 3 years - 25,000 hours (http://www.soraa.com/public/docs/soraa-warranty.pdf)
    Illumicare 4 years - 40,000 hours (http://www.illumicaregroup.com/products/warranty/)
    Vistapro 5 years - 35,000 hours (http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs186/1101462576054/archive/1112712674993.html)
    Kichler 6 years - 30,000 hours (http://www.kichler.com/professional/landscape-lighting/landscape-warranty.aspx)
    VOLT lifetime - 40,000 hours (http://www.landscapelightingworld.com/LED-Light-Bulbs-s/98.htm)
    Unique 5 years - 40,000 hours (http://www.uniquelighting.com/product_pages/flex-led-lamps-fixtures.htm)
    Alliance 5 years - 50,0000 hours (http://www.allianceoutdoorlighting.com/warranty.html)
    Brilliance 5 years - 50,000 hours (http://www.brillianceled.com/LIMITED_WARRANTY.pdf)
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    Don't have the web links, but Halco and Dauer come to mind. Unique is just a private label Halco, isn't it? There are plenty more. I was at Lightfair, which was incredibly underwhelming this year, and the LED lamp market is getting pretty crowded.
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    We do have a lifetime warranty. Note there is a link to each manu's warranty details but it should be noted that the written warranty is not always the reality. For example, although we have a written Warranty Policy we follow our unwritten one -- unconditional replacement for any reason, for anyone, with zero hassle (this applies to EVERYTHING we sell). We have even replaced lighting strikes, acts of God, improper installations, vandalism -- everything (even if our written warranty says those are not covered). Our goal is and always has been to make the customer happy. The only reason for the written warranty is to protect us from an unscrupulous person trying to take advantage of us. Some manufacturers use fine print to get out of fulfilling warranty service or they make it so hard and such a pain in the ass. we do the opposite-- we are much easier and more lenient than our actual warranty states.

    It should be noted that we are not the only manufacturer that does this. Kichler for example has many restrictions on their warranty but the reality is they are very liberal (so I have been told) with their warranties and generally do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer. The track record of the company with returns, exchanges and warranties will say a lot as some companies over deliver and some under deliver.

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