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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Pro-Scapes, Sep 17, 2009.

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    Ok lets get a thread going with showing different LED lamps since many come from the same factories and are sold under different names. I want to start a photo compiliation of whats out there because as of now i need to install about 100 fixtures but will be very limited on avalible power without cutting up a 100 yr old driveway.

    I lost my phone yesterday so I am unable to post the pics i had of some of the lamina and ushio lamps that I have but I am really interested in seeing pictures and your thoughts on MR16 lamps. I should have about 6 to post in the next day or so but lets get em rolling.
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    The ushio are not bad but do have heat issues.
    The lamina do not fit into standard MR16 fixtures and have massive heat issues when enclosed.

    The INTEGRA LED MR16 is currently available in both spot and flood configurations, is 3000K, 230 Lumens, L70=40,000 hours and is running at an incredibly cool 31 celsius in enclosed fixtures. It is also at a price point that none of the others can come close to.

    Full photometrics and specifications are available. You know who to contact for this.
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    Where can I go to get pricing info, as well as beam spreads available? I'm proposing a retrofit of a large property that would be a cinch with LED bulbs. My challenge has been the number of G4 base bi-pins that exist. I know you've posted this contact info before, but could you do it again, or PM the info.
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    James email me pics of the lamp and pricing issues. The ushios I am having to use in interior applications because i need the dimability. Keep in mind it was well over a year from when we saw the ushios at lightfair to when they were actually avalible. I do not use a standard size mr16 uplight so fit has not been an issue with the lamina in the 2 bullets I use.

    Lets see some pics of your Integra led james.
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    I wish I could post at will here on this topic guys but the Moderators have been very very stringent with me. I cannot promote or give many details without being censored.

    Please send me any questions or inquiries directly to me at my email address: info@integralighting.com

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    I tested several today from redbirdled (you can find the site). If interested in the results shoot me a PM and I'll send back what I saw. Overall not any thing better than what I use already.
  8. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Interesting how none of the products that Red Bird are re-selling have any technical specifications available. No photometrics either. With so many different models just in the MR16 category, I can assure you they are simply re-selling whatever they can procure quickly and inexpensively. Go shopping on www.alibaba.com and you will find a myraid of similar and identical lamps, all with the same exaggerated claims! 50w equivalent? Ya sure! LOL.

    The only lamp I saw on that site that is sure to perform is the CRS product... a fantastic lamp for sure, but look at the price! CRS has it stuff down pat, but being made in Canada is a huge competitive crutch for them. Hate to say it but true.
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    Thoughts on these ? anyone used them ?


  10. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Billy, some more details would be good!

    As most of you have realized by now there is a LOT of LED lamps being produced by "no-name" factories in SE Asia. They genereally all employ one of a handful of enclosures and use basically the same drivers and lenses. To look at them in a photo you would not be able to distinguish one from another.

    A quick look on www.alibaba.com will illustrate my point.

    What you really need to see in order to begin to evaluate these lamps are the full technical specifications and photometrics. Amazingly enough, most LED lamps on the market have not been fully tested. Even more surprising is the number of online LED lamp re-sellers who post limited to no technical info regarding the lamps they are selling. Perhaps they don't understand what is all means?

    When evaluating any new LED lamp I always ask for the full specifications and start there. If they cannot be provided, then move along as I will bet that the lamp will have some significant deficiancies. Ask me for the technical specifications of my lamps and you will get it all, including a full spectrum analysis, heat analysis and photometrics.

    Billy, the lamps in your photo, are they using the single 5W Cree chip? I have yet to see one of those that operates at +200 Lumens and maintains an acceptable coupling temperature. Again, specifications would be good to start with.

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