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    I took these this morning. Here are the LED wall mounts I spoke of in another thread and my halogen MR-16's everywhere else on this property. Notice the blue color and the fact that the steps are pitch dark and the light maybe makes it 1' from the fixture on the ground. The light on the wall on the right side of the steps is from 20 watt BAB's uplighting a vine growing there not from the LED's that's for sure. Those steps are really dangerous after dark. The glare bombs hanging in the tree were not supplied by me but the architect. We wired them into our system.:cry:
    The driver for these LED's is remote in a metal box in the ground under a plastic cover (hand hole) not a sealed enclosure so it's exposed to moisture 24/7. I give the painted metal box 2 years before it turns to rust and another year after that till it turns to dust. ;)




  2. David Gretzmier

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    the steps do look a bit alien. like many LED fixtures and colors, they draw attention to themselves, but then fail to accomplish a purpose. This is what most clients think of when they think and see LED. Bluish whitish and flickery.

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    These are expensive LED fixtures that really look nice by day. Do absolutely nothing by night. I can't reveal the owner or location of the property but it is a major celebrity that everyone would know the name. Everything in and outside the house is top of the line no expense spared. The house interior features several LED lights as well.
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    Mike, Are the clients pleased with the LED's?
    It's very noticeable in the picture ...... it must be more so in person.
    Nice pics.

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    Hey keith,
    Not pleased with the lack of light and danger on the steps
  6. Mr. Quik electric

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    Once again, Nice pics Mike

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    Thanks Tim
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    The photos are fantastic Mike. (as usual). As for those in-wall LED fixtures, well be they LED or not, that style of fixture is not something that you or I would normally use is it?

    I am constantly guiding clients, architects and designers away from plate glass, vertically mounted fixtures, explaining to them how such things will draw the eye directly to the source, rendering the object (in this case the treads of the steps) almost invisible. Instead, louvered or shielded fixtures are the way to go. They blend in better to the hardscape and they don't produce nearly as much glare at night.

    There seems to be a very strong difference in design considerations between N. America and Europe. I consistantly find that European lighting fixtures are designed to bring attention to themselves first, and then light the object second, as if to say "look at me, look at me".

    Are those fixtures 'integrated LED' products, or is there the possibility to convert them over to 12Vac bi-pin sockets? Any chance these are Martini from Italy or Erco from Germany?


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