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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Mike & Lucia, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Mike & Lucia

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    I'm interested to open a discussion about LED technology and how it might effect our industry in the future. I've done some preliminary research, and it seems the LED segment of the lighting industry is coming on like a freight train. There is a new unit, referred to as a HB-LED, meaning high brightness. The diode can be configured to through light in various spreads, and there are several LED replacement units that just plug into a standard MR-16 fixture/socket. It seems to me though, that this method doesn't take full advantage of the ability of an LED unit to eliminate the crappy sockets we all have to deal with.

    Have any of you used any LED lighting? What is your opinion of them? Pros and cons. How about new products you might have seen in distributors offerings? My Hadco catalog shows some that were supposed to become available this year. Did they make it to market?

    Anybody with experience or solid info, please jump in. Thanks,

    Happy Independence Day! :usflag:
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    Hi Mike... This is a great thread as its very important to know where the future of our industry is heading.

    Yes I think LED's are on thier way to becoming the standard but unfortunatly many people dont like the light they produce. I experimented with a few of the cheaper LED lights out there at my own home. I will set them back up next to a halogen mr 16 and try to get some clear photos.

    The low wattage draw and long life of them is very promising. Is there something new I have not seen with a nicer looking effect?

    I have a few LED flashlights I like to use around the house ... yes they are bright but it seems they just dont produce a full useable light nearly as well as a regular halogen mag light. I guess everyones eyes and taste will be different. Im really big on something being proven before I will place it out there. Imagine tho half a watt draw per lamp!
  3. wroughtn_harv

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    I'm looking at LED's pretty hard for a job I'm doing. I was going to go halogen but I think too much of the time people overlight and all I want is to give a warm glow to a slab stone walk way up a hill.

    I have twelve volt LED's in the truck for lighting in the boxes and they're the cat's meow. And I've found some twelve to fifteen volt LED's that I think I can use that are usuable in water or in the weather.

    Has anyone got any experience along this line?

    Here's somepictures of the job.

    First a before.

    Second an after I am done with the steel work

    Third is a pic of the stones I'm using.

    DSC01107 (Custom).JPG


    DSC03017 (Custom).JPG
  4. Pro-Scapes

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    I personally still preffer using a lower wattage halogen or zelogen bulb vs the effect obtained with an LED.

    I think right now its just a matter of peronal opinion ... to each his own.

    Now im considering getting some to show clients and let them decide. I just feel they look too much like the crappy led spots from lowes. That blueish white irritates me. Almost seems like its pulsing to me or something.
  5. NightScenes

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    In talking with some people from GE, it seems that we are still a few years away from a lamp that can put out the lumins required for most of the lighting that is actually done.
    I am really looking forward to being able to install a full system with a 300 watt transformer or less.
  6. desert night light

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    I am really looking forward to being able to install a full system with a 300 watt transformer or less.

    And so are your past customers who will now become do it yourselfers because the voltage drop issue has been taken out of play. Don't kid yourself. LEDS are a one way ticket to palookaville.
  7. Frog Lights  LLC

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    We are moving ahead quickly with new LED items. We have coming in a new line of paver lights. This style has never been sold here before. They will last and last. The power drain is very low ...I know they will be a hit. We have new spot lights that can be well lights and are completely water proof. Our main problem is keeping them in stock. We will soon have new product information and links to the updated website. We will soon be introducing our new water proof wire connector. This is going to be at a great price and better than anything on the market! Coming soon will be some interesting photo optic lights for trees, ponds , waterfalls and more! We will keep everyone posted.
  8. chriscampbell

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    christmas lights are slowly making there way into leds as well. At the Mid Am in chicago they had a christmas light seminar and talked about it a little. The leds dont produce the heat and a fraction of the electricity. They have a life span of 10 yrs unlike the normal 3 and you can run 20 strings end to end. Normal lights would be 3 or four strings in a row. the cost is still like 3 times the normal.
  9. Pro-Scapes

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    Well if they last 3 times as long and you can chain together that many the cost is actually about the same or even a bit less without the added cost of extra cords ect. It all about the value of something. As they become more and more popular and become more and more mass produced the cost will surely fall. Look at computers. My first IBM pc was well over 6 grand. I just bought a screaming dell with a ton of toys including a nice big monitor for around 1300.

    Im all for the pro's of led's. Just wont be installing em unless specifically requested until the output and track record is there. I just personally dont like the tint of the lights.

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