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    Would some one be kind enough to list the 3 or 4 main reasons why a client should choose LED over a STANDARD 12V system. I have received a quote from the supplier and the material/equipment cost is a little over double for the LED. I think the client wants to go LED but I need to be able to point out the compelling reasons. I am pretty much a novice at this and want to be factual with the client.

    Thanks for any help offered!


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    Mex. Basically the idea is that LED lighting uses about 75 to 80 percent less electricity to deliver the same amount of light output and that the LED lamps/fixtures will last about 10 times longer than traditional halogen lamps.

    Of course there is a LOT more to LED lighting than just that. There are factors such as intensity, colour rendition, colour temperature, integrated LED fixtures vs. LED lamps, driver and power supply considerations, etc etc.

    A lot of this information has been discussed on this forum, just use the search feature to look up " LED "

    LEDs Magazine online is a great resource too. - there is much to learn.
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    Not yet proven in the field for reason of time, is the longevity hopefulness of the LED, based on solid-state sturdiness, and lower operating temperature, hopefully meaning less nuisance/frequency of bulb failures, and less air/condensation being sucked into a hot fixture, like a pump each night.

    But like I said, that's the idea.
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    I know James is pro and I am anti, but I think we both agree that there are only one or two out there that look as good as halogen, and probably only a literal handful of lamps/fixtures out of hundreds of LED's out there that are likely to last over 2 years. james has done tons of testing and found a few he likes, look back on the threads and you'll find them. I would hesitate to buy anything other than what James reccomends.
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    I have a new, proprietary LED MR16 lamp in the works. Just finishing off the engineering of the driver now... should be available by mid to late summer. Better LEDs, better drivers, better heat sinks, and better optics than anything I have seen on the market now. Oh, and it will be cheaper than the current best of the best too!

    Stay Tuned... the INTEGRAled is on it's way!

    My new proprietary G4 Bi-Pin LED lamp is being put on a UPS aircraft today and should be available next week!

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