Ledge Stone Rap Retention

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    Hi Hardscapers,

    Thought I would share another project we finally finished that we started last Fall. Rear property had to be raised to an elevation that would accomodate a new septic system for an rehabbed carriage house. There were many ledge fragment stones at the property so we saved and used as a rap along the embankment as we raised the yard.... adding material then rapping more stone till we got to the top elevation. There was a natural path to the woods so we created a natural staircase with these ledge pieces. We added topsoil in between the cracks of the stone and then added ground cover (vinca). We finished by grading topsoil and hydro seeding the back. There were many hardscaping issues we addressed....stairs with old curb... old cobblestones as edging in driveway as well.

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