LEDs and electronic transformers

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by starry night, Dec 6, 2013.

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    I have noticed many opportunities to sell conversion of line voltage sign illumination to low voltage where I might only need two fixtures. I have read previous threads about the use of small electronic transformers such as Lightech. Some have said LEDs can be powered by these transformers; others have said no. Does anyone here know the definitive answer?
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    It depends on the LED and the transformer. I've found that most MR-16 retrofits and a few of the integrated fixtures work fine with the Litetech but almost all of the SCB, bi-pin, etc. do not. You just need to try the combination you want together, and let them run for hours. Sometimes they'll work OK initially and then start strobing or flickering after a while.

    Or, you can use the small Hatch magnetic transformers and not worry about it.
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    For a small job like that, I've had good results with a small magnetic 12 VAC transformers from Radio Shack. There are two models, different amperages, size accordingly. I've actually used them when I made led tape light back lit signs for my concession business and they work fine.

    Any Radio Shack should have them.

    They are very inexpensive as well. You might just to be extra cautious, put an inline fuse rated for the load capacity of the transformer. Sometimes, when LED lamps fail, ( which has happened on some of my jobs) they produce a direct short. The fuse would protect the transformer from melting up should that happen.

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    Stop messing around and get yourself set up at Magnitude. http://www.magnitudeinc.com They have managed to beat the rest of the industry to the punch when it comes to small, effective, LED power supplies. Most LED lamps and fixture manufacturers who offer their own power supplies are shipping product made by Magnitude. Merry Christmas.

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