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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Mike M, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. Mike M

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    I am doing a service-call add-on thing, and stuck with a common set-up I see around here: lots of chaining and the use of nightscaping transformers at fixed voltages that I cannot adjust for particular runs. On top of that, most fixtures are usually somewhat over-volted or under-volted.

    This means to properly add-on fixtures, I need to install my own trans and make independent runs, criss-crossing lots of shallow wires from a bad install, long challenging runs for single fixtures, etc., plus the person does not want to buy more transformers, complaining about costs, blah blah blah.

    So, I'm proposing to the customer today that we go with LED's for the add-ons, since the voltage range and wattage draw make it ideal. Their landscape is maturing and they really could use some additional illumination here and there.

    I know the best thing is to stay away from crappy installs, but I miss driving my truck around and acting like I have something to do.

    Just wondering if anyone else is using LED's for the same benefit for add-ons.
  2. irrig8r

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    Sounds like a good strategy to me.
  3. NightScenes

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    I think that you have a good plan there. I have recently started running some numbers and I find that I can install an LED system for about 10% more than a regular system but the client saves 80% on their electrical bill and even more on the maintenance of the system. Therefore I am going to start pushing LED more.
  4. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Good plan guys... even better when you use LED LAMPS installed in existing, tried and proven fixtures.

    The kudos and 'endorsements' are starting to flow in for the Luxxo LED MR16 Lamp now. Unique, Nightscaping, Coppermoon, and there are others in the tube.

    You really need to try this lamp out for yourself. I have installed close to 1000 of them this year, about 1/3 of those on service jobs where we are converting the systems over to LED lamps.

    I also know of a distributor that has the lowest per unit cost in the continent! Just send me a message or email for details!

    In the very near future, I will be introducing you to a very cool Miniature (Bi-pin) LED lamp that will fit into all those path lights, step lights, niche lights etc etc that currently use 20W halogen (18w Xenon) lamps.
  5. David Gretzmier

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    This will be my first weak endorsement of LED's. It does makes sense to me to use them as an add on light when you have yucky voltage issues. I cannot believe Nightscaping has not been behind this from the start. i have dealt with so many of thier trans that crash voltage on load that they should have been at the forefront to lower load ! That way they never have to actually fix thier trans to keep voltage. Remove the load !

    I still believe that switching to installing full LED systems will cut the selling value of anyone's company 80-90% based on loss of guaranteed 80-90% future maintenance revenue, again, IF the newer LED's do what all the ones before them promised.

    Looking at the LED's in outdoor Christmas lighting for the past 5 years, even the ones I used just last year, The promises of LEDS are not true. All have failed at a greater rate than incandescent. I also have quite a few $40-$60 LED flashlights laying around that no longer work. try to remember these product lines had LEDs way before landscape lighting, and the LED's I buy for my Christmas side are the highest quality available.
  6. The Lighting Geek

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    I have been using the Kichler LEDs along with Unique. I have found the lower end jobs are very interested and actually request LED. I have installed around 500+ to date with no issues. As Mike pointed out, they are a perfect fit for the retro fit market. We have a tremendous amount of older jobs where there is no budget for a complete installation. I have been somewhat successful with retro fits and they are very fast. I have looked at the Luxxo LED lamp and I like it. BUT it is too pricey when take into account the price of the fixture. The upper end market will do fine with it but in my area that is totally dead right now.

    The landscape lighting industry is NOT one big group of customers who want the same thing. For me and probably most of you as well, right now there are 2 distinct markets. Upper end, where the quality is an issue and brass fixtures and maintenance contracts are an easy sell for me. The other is the entry level market where people have purchased homes with existing lighting and want the most economical solution possible. LEDs fit this market perfectly and you probably would not get a maintenance program any way.

    The longer this economy stays like this, the more likely these 2 groups will migrate to become one. That is my 2 cents:)

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