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    29 Nov 2007
    LED Lighting Fixtures Inc has built a prototype LED-based PAR 38 lamp that produces 659 lm from 5.8 watts of wall-plug power, with CCT of 2760 K and CRI of 91.2.
    At the White LEDs-07 conference in Japan last week, Tony van de Ven of LED Lighting Fixtures, Inc. (LLF) announced a new performance milestone for a prototype LED luminaire, which smashes existing records.
    LLF built a prototype PAR 38 self-ballasted lamp, which was tested under steady-state conditions by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Washington, DC.

    The LRP-38 lamp set a new standard for energy efficient lighting by producing 659 lumens at a mere 5.8 watts of wall-plug power, resulting in 113.6 delivered lumens per watt.

    The lamp emitted a warm incandescent-like color of 2760 Kelvin with a superb color rendering index of 91.2.

    The LLF lamp would use less than 9% and 30% of the energy consumed by incandescent and fluorescent sources, respectively. Gerry Negley, LLF’s Chief Technology Officer said, “The results of this prototype clearly demonstrate that LLF’s LED technology will surpass all existing forms of lighting in terms of performance."

    At the conference, van de Ven, LLF’s Hong Kong Managing Director, described the company's proprietary method to obtain simultaneously very high efficacy and color rendering. The PAR 38 fixture uses blue-shifted yellow Cree Xlamp LEDs in combination with red Golden Dragon LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors.

    Van de Ven said, “We are very encouraged by our LRP-38 technology demonstration, as it is clearly the most energy efficient, high CRI white lighting solution ever developed. While there is currently no timetable for a production release, this result shows that LLF’s technology with LED light sources has the ability to surpass 100 lumens per watt from a fixture, which is a revolutionary milestone for significant world-wide energy savings.”
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    GE engineer states that they are about 10 years away from a long lasting, tested, and reliable LED for LANDSCAPE LIGHTING. We like all of our competition do not make light bulbs so this is another reason why we will work with GE (light Bulb EXPERTS) on LED's.

    We spoke to this engineer by telephone last week.
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    Joey, I will put $100 Canadian funds down right now that says GE will have a LED light source suitable for installation and use in landscape lighting applications before the year 2018.

    Are you up for it?
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    James you know 100 candian dollars is like 5 million US dollars, I cant afford that bet. But I can say that I do not lie so unless you are calling the GE engineer one then..........

    I only am relaying what he told us my friend. I have never claimed to be an LED expert nor a lamp expert only a guy who likes to know and visually see the facts.
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    Aww come on Joey, that was a good bet! :)

    Tuesday, December 11, 2007
    100 Canadian Dollar = 99.41643 US Dollar
    100 US Dollar (USD) = 100.587 Canadian Dollar (CAD

    You have a direct line of information and I am only guessing! The odds are in your favour, wouldn't you say?

    And no, I was not calling anyone anything... just a good ole fashioned wager.

    I base my bet on the following: With the technological advances that LEDs have been making recently, and the overwhelming focus on this technology by most segments of the lighting industry, I cannot see how or why it will take 10 years for a world leading manufacturer such as GE to come up with a viable solution for the outdoor lighting industry.

    Two years ago, Bill Locklin had some proprietary GE LEDs installed into a variety of Nightscaping fixtures that he showcased to his inner circle of friends. They were not ready for market in this application, but they were effective! Just this summer GE launched a whole new line of miniature, power LEDs that looked very viable for use in our industry. I will look up this info and post it here for all to see. I was planning on purchasing some of these this winter and installing them into various fixtures as a test of their new format and technology. I will let you know how this goes...

    Take the bet Joey... it will be fun.
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    No bet here James, you know far more then I do on this subject. Maybe the engineer we spoke to is out of his wits but I doubt it. He did not say they wouldnt have A LED product they just said there wouldnt be a solid, tested, LED for LANDSCAPE LIGHTING. I think that everyone including the outdoor lighting manufacturers are just so excited about LED that they are jumping the gun with them right now. But that is how things get figured out!!! This guy was pretty specific in what he told us and for now I will stick with what the GE engineer said. If he or we are wrong on this it will be our loss but I think we are pretty confident as are a lot of others in this indutry that LED still has quite a ways to go before they are proven to hold up in the outdoor lighting/landscape lighting environment.

    But hey lets see it! I am all for progression. The minute I can throw a life time warranty on an LED fixture I will be all over it!!!
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    Here is the information on the new GE LED I was looking at...


    It really has some awesome properties. Now to match it up with a power management circuit to deliver its specific needs. This is where the asian lamp manufacturers have a leg up on America...

    The big lighting companies are not producing the 'whole package' yet when it comes to LEDs. Instead they are focused on building the emmiters, the engines, the phosphors, the collimators or the power management components. It would appear that neither GE, Osram, Phillips, Cree, etc etc have put much effort into a total LED lamp product to be delivered across the shop counter. They are acting like OEM suppliers in the auto sector. This leaves offshore companies to buy up all the components and build a working LED lamp module.

    I would suspect that soon, the big lamp manufacturers will see the market for building a complete LED lamp unit. They are certainly missing the boat at this stage. Almost all of the complete LED lamp modules I have tested have been produced in Asia. (Korea, Taiwan, China for the most part) but they make use of big name components like Cree, Luxeon, etc

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    For those who want to stay up to date, I would highly recommend you subscribe to LEDs Magazine. It is online and free.


    Have a great day.
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    You just bassicly said what the GE guy said James. They are not ready to deliver a product that they can firmly say will hold up in the landscape environment!
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    I have a 3w single Cree LED flashlight that blows the heck out of my 35w 24˚ lights. Similar properties in terms of beam spread but WAY brighter when you put them side to side. Granted my flashlight is on the evil blue side but you could gel it and still blow the pants off of a 35w Ushio or Cast 10,000 hour bulb. LEDs are much closer than what a lot of people want to believe, maybe because it will severely cut into maintenance charges? Who knows. Using a quick google search, I found this link to a place that is making MR16 drop-ins:


    I am sure that there are tons of other people getting ready to come out with similar stuff and probably in the 3200k range very soon. I used to be an LED hater too but when you see the power that they now have compared to the amount of electrical savings, a homeowner would be crazy to not have interest in them.

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