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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by land_scaper70, Nov 28, 2011.

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    at least the upper herringbone is square to the house but the lower portion is not. that whole job is trashed. IU doubt it will be finished right either.
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    I know who did the original job, a very reputable company, up until a few years ago, when the son took it over from the father. I know for a fact that he has as a few outstanding bills at some stone yards, $125,000+ at one I know of. Name means nothing whether trying to make a name or have an established name, quality of work is the most important thing.

    Back to my original question, I know the house has to breath, however I don't want anymore water to get in between the house and steps. Can I build right up to the vinyl or should I pull it off, I know the SA (smart a$$) said case by case, what would you do in this case?
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    You pitch the stoop so the water flows AWAY. If you look at a concrete stoop of a tract home, the stoop usually has about 1.5" fall. If pitched correctly, water WILL flow away.

    Water flows downhill.

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    you need to install flashing. if you don't know correctly how to do it.... talk to your local siding supplier and get a reputable sub contractor to flash it for you.

    the only exception would be if you built a wall along the back edge of the stoop with a 1 inch air gap between the stoop and the house. in addition keep a 1 inch air gap between the pavers and the house. then i would say no flashing required.

    i am going this afternoon to look at a stoop repair job. the concrete was abutting the porch and the rim board has begun to rot out.

    masonry is a sponge. the whole water flowing downhill thing is garbage. our roofs are sloped far more than a stoop and yet they are still flashed. capillary action is a marvelous thing.

    i have a feeling DVS is being a bit devious.

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