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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by RollTide11, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. RollTide11

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    I am thinking of starting a small Lawn care Bus. in Bladwin County, Al. I need to know if you need a business license for this type of business. If so I am going to have to pay for a license in several different cities which would cost close to $1000. Do I need a license for insurance? Do I need insurance if I have no employees? If anyone can answer any of these questions it would be appreciated.

    THRIFTY2 LawnSite Member
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    You will need insurance. You will need a license for fertilizing. Your best bet is to talk to local insurance companies to find out the particulars for your area. Also, the search button on this site is very useful and can answer alot of your general questions. Good luck!
  3. RollTide11

    RollTide11 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the info. Does any one know if I need a bus lis. just to mow lawns and do I need a lis. to get insurance?
  4. LawnCare_EMT

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    You should get a license or a DBA at your county courthouse just to make your self legal. I did not have to show proof of a license to get my insurance but all companies are different. If you are seriously thinking about Lawn Care for a business insurance is a MUST. Customers like to hear that you are fully licensed and insured, gives them and you a sense of security. Also lets them know you are not a fly by night guy with a push mower looking for some extra cash that you are serious about your work and that your here to stay. Good luck
  5. RollTide11

    RollTide11 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the info. I just really want to make sure I need a license to cut lawns before I buy one because I will need several for the different cities I'm in. My county does not offer a single license
  6. LawnCare_EMT

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    You do not need a license hundrends of people mow everyday without one, half the people in my area dont have insurance or licenses and never get caught. I think you will be asking for trouble without them though. I do understand your problem of having to have multiple licenses and the cost however contact you city and see how much the fine is for not having one most of the time it is much more expensive. Little advise on insurance, shop around and stay away from the major companies. Find a local independent agent and you can get a 1,000,000 policy for a couple of hundred
  7. john3253

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    ok your question is kind of vague but I'll try to help. An Occupational Business License is normally issued by your local governmental office, here in Louisiana I recieved mine from the sheriffs office. You normally only have to purchase an occupational business license from the county/parish that your business is based out of. So if you store your equipment at your house you will purchase the license from the county you live in and will still be able to work in the other areas without purchasing a license from those areas. Hope that helps.
  8. RollTide11

    RollTide11 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks john, I hope your right I've been told by one guy that works in my area that I would have to buy in every city but I believe that to be true also
  9. Moore Homeworks Inc.

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    Im right across the state line from you in Pensacola Florida and you must carry a license in every county you work in over here. Ive got 3 of them for differant counties. Im not sure why they would cost you a grand though. They range from $16.00 to $25.00 in Florida. As far as insurance goes, I wouldnt pull my mowers off the trailor without it. Its to cheap not to have for your protection. Alot of people dont take into consideration commercial insurance on your vehicle and trailor either. As always, many people cheat the system and never get caught. I just assume to be legit and not have to always look over my shoulder. You never need it till you need it !!!

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