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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Brown & Co., Jul 17, 2011.

  1. maynardGkeynes

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    Don't get your legal advice from the get what you pay for.
  2. PROCUT1

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    Better make sure you're zoned for running a biz from your house. Towns usually look the other way with small businesses...........until someone complains.
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  3. bc3xx0

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    First, after 15 years of boxing, I doubt you'd be capable of "whoopin my ass on spot"!! Second, I do only have an associates degree but it's just in industrial electronics. So I guess I am uneducated to todays standards. Third, Call it agriculture or whatever...... even worthless Mexicans thrive at the job we do!!!!! If you can start up a mower, you can get it done!!!

    Why make waves in your neighborhood over what the guy next door does!! So he can install a f'n sprinkler system!!!! Do you really think you are the only one that can/should???? My neighbors suck, but damn..... If one of them tried to sue me cause we were in the same field, he'd instantly be considered the ****** bag of the neighborhood by all!!!

    Get a life man, let this die and save yourself the humiliation.
  4. all ferris

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    so your the one tying up the courts with FRIVOLOUS lawsuits. you may not be a dick (your words) but if you sue for this you're a jackass
  5. nepatsfan

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    Since when is it a law that a similar business cannot open up next door to another? I see BK and McDonalds next to each other all the time. Banks are in the same plazas...and so on. Who says you can't open the exact business next door to another one..

    One more it even legal for you to be running a business out of your home. Around us it isn't unless you are in a multi zoned property commercial and residential.

    I would look into this more..if you are so much better than the other companies than what are you so worried about?
  6. Snapper Jack

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    Solid advice right there! Scratch my back,I'll scratch yours.
    Filling up the court rooms will stupid frivolous lawsuits isn't the answer but you have some jerks who think that's the American way of solving matters:nono::hammerhead:
  7. MR-G

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    yup....we break all the rules to hunt them down....only an idiot would even post such crap ....we politely contact them and ask them for their credentials....the ones that dont produce them get harrasing ever....every business is required BY LAW to post their licenses so the public can view.....get real :usflag:
  8. MR-G

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    and you would be a 15.00 per cut bottom feeder....we dont care if some kid wants to make a few bucks over the summer...but when you portray yourself as a legit business damn well better be one...its guys like you that give our industry a bad image....we have been very successful in our 25 yrs in this business and no help from the bottom feeders for sure...all they do is ruin the business...go back to mowing grandmas lawn and get out of the way of the people playing by the rules...when you grow up you will realize what im saying....good luck to you LAWN BOY.....LOL:usflag: MAYBE YOU JUST HAVENT HAD TO COMPETE WITH THE TYPE OF CRAP IM TALKING ABOUT...IF YOU DID, YOU WOULD UNDERSTAND...
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  9. bc3xx0

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    I hope you are successful!! Cause you sound like a real class act!! You sound like a straight up snitch!! Sure, everyone should play by the rules, but I ain't gonna waste my effort tattle tailing!! If I lose an account because Jim bob and his push mower lowballed me..... Well that is my fault for taking on a customer that is looking for the cheapest price. It'd only be a matter of time before they dropped me anyhow without a contract......

    You give the industry a bad image for looking like a b*tch!!!

    Going out of your way to police the competition and suing your neighbors cause they are in the same line of work is just ******ed!!! The law may be on your side, but you still end up looking like a b*tch!!!

    I also like how I am a $15 bottom feeder just because I called you out as being a b*tch!!! Stay Classy!!
  10. MR-G

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    It isnt some kid with a push mower we watch for...there are large co. here operating lawn and spray services without licenses and insurances...and the pricing can be quite low and unfair for us playing by the rules...if you could comprehend what you read you would also know it wasnt me suing my happy for you that you dont have the scale of problem we do...hopefully you never will...:usflag:unlicensed co's is a big problem in our area...for us and our clients.
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