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    Here's the deal. Been mowing the local Post Office accounts for 10 years. Every February, I call the office manager just to confirm I'm mowing for the upcoming season. She connects me to the postmaster, chat with him and he tells me to continue as I have been. Well, this year, the office manager puts me on hold and instead of connecting me to the postmaster, she informs me I need to submit a bid. I have no problem with this, but out of curiousity, I ask her who else is bidding. She tells me " A Friend Of A Mail Carrier". I submit my bid, and she calls me 4 weeks later to inform me that the job was awarded to someone else. Is there a conflict of interest here?? A Friend of a mail carrier???
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    Sorry to hear that, but sounds like it's just part of doing business. Things like that happen every day in the business world which is why you always hear the saying, "It's all about who you know".
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    I just know that the postal system has been going under extreme cuts the last few years, so they probably found out that this guy was cheaper and went with him.
  4. I hope it was a sealed bid and you were able to be there when they opened them. That is how it is around here when bidding on goverment contracts. That would be the right way to do it.
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    I agree with work_it. Conflict of interest would be the mail carrier getting the mowing job. It's all about who you know in bussines even in the golf industry. Govenment contracts are all low bids, he might have seen what you bid on the last bid and under bid that.
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    Legal Question?

    Where is the question?

    I have a feeling that you had came to think that you had security in mowing for the PO since you had did it for so long.

    Dealing with the US Goverment when bidding. They should have a detailed list of what is expected for the bidders to do as far as the job is concerned. If you did not get provided a copy of the job discription before you placed your bid. I would ask to see it and if the PO Master can not provide such a document. Tell him you will seek some legal advice.

    If you do not have a business license and proof of libility insurance. Do not even waste your time. Just consider yourself fired.
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    there is no reason to fight over it now. All you will do is ruin your opportunity to bid on it again in the future. I would just send them a letter thank them for the opportunity and tell them that if it doesn't work out with the other guy to give you a call up.
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    Its not right, you think you have a loyal customer after dealing with then for years and then say "Oh we already have someone who going to do it". Unfortunately thats commercial/government accounts. I dont understand the government keeps raising taxes and raising taxes, yet can't afford to pay a few extra bucks to a loyal LCO. You know where these extra tax dollars are going? not back into the country/state, but into the pockets of the government workers, so they can drive around in $100,000 cars. And guess what they do all day for their pay, sit at computers, writing letters, sending fines, and making up rules and regulations for everyone else but themselves. Then there are us (LCOs) busting our balls to make a profit and a living, just to give 1/3 of it back to pay these people. Not to mention to pay social securtiy tax for people who are too lazy to work. Im not talking about retirees, but i know people that live on social security and when asked why dont you go get a job they reply, "Then I cant get social security". Not to mention the people that come over too this country and dont have to pay taxes for the first 7 years. We pay out 60% of social security to these people who have never put a dime into it. How wrong is that. Not to mention by time we are ready to retire, there will no longer be social security. More going out then coming in. So here I/we are working our A$$es off to pay for something which we will never see. Not only that but guess what these freeloaders do. When that seven years are up, they pass the business over to a relative for the next seven years and so on. Guess what also, they charge sales tax. How ironic cause they dont have to pay it, so it goes right into their pockets. The way I see it how is someone who comes into this country any different than an 18 year-old who just starts working. Neither one of them has anything. They both start out with 0. But lets make it easier for the person that comes over here and work OUR citizen to death just to get by. Im gonna couterdict myself here: Chances are the people that came over here have more than 0, because they had to have something to come over here with. I do know people that do come over here and intentionally ignore the 7 year bullsh*t and pay their taxes like everyone else. Im not upset by them at all, its the ones that come over here, never bother to learn the common language(which by the way the US doesnt have a declared spoken language, however we all for the most part speak english), never bother to accept the religion and customs over here. And the whole time they do nothing but criticize this country. Then why the hell are you over here? But heck look at the benefits for them, who wouldnt want to be here and reap that benefit? This country is being run so backwards.

    Sorry back to the thread, it sucks it happens, but there is nothing legally you can do unless you had them sign something saying they will stick with you for x amount of years. Commercial has always been this highly regarded and desired thing, but unfortunatly all they care about is who does it for free.
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    Perhaps the real legal question: Why wasn't the work being bid in the former years? The postmaster was probably out of line to give the work, without a bid. Undoubtedly, the postmaster was not being legal in what had been happening.

    The "friend" story has no merit, IF (big IF) the work was publically advertised for bidding. If the bidder list was limited to you, and to the "friend" then the postmaster even has bigger issues.

    I know the system sounds unfair when loyalty is involved. But, as a taxpayer, why wouldn't I demand the work be put out for bid, whether mowing grass around the local post office, or building jet fighter planes. Where do you wish to draw the line?
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    They accepted bids, they did'nt just tell him "Oh we already have someone who is going to do it". And as far as your government bashing goes, a lot of the money is going into the military to help keep us safe and I am very thankful for that. I have several friends in the military and the only reason that I'm not is because of a medical condition which is stupid. You are only 19 and will have to live and learn. Competition is always going to be here and will not go away no matter how much we hate it. I'm not trying to bash on you MJL, I just hate it when people take their privileges that they are given in this country for granted. Enjoy what you have and your time given here because it can be cut short at any given time.

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