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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Lawn RX 10, Jan 12, 2011.

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    Hey sorry if i ask some dumb questions here and i know it depends by state, but help with what you can please.....Thanks.

    If i accept payment by check will i need anything special? I believe i read that i will need to register a buisness name to obtain a number to use in order to file taxes, Im planning on going sole pri to start. I live in Nj if that helps....

    Im prob just going to contact an acountant and maybe a lawyer, just trying to keep cost down.

    Other then that as far as legal stuff gos, im getting a 2 mil dollar liability coverage, like 450 every six months. Do you know if i must have a registererd business name in order to obtain insurance on it? Or is it just me im covering?

    Dont need any kind of special Lisc in NJ for lawn contractor, just peticide really which i have 3a3b.


    Thank you very much.
  2. gasracer

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    Since this is different state to state I would contact a CPA and or a lawyer in your area.
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    You need to open a commercial checking account at the bank of your choice. They will require id, dba and an address. I strongly suggest a po box. Keep business and personal affairs completely seperate.
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    uncle sam doesn't require any thing to get your money I just total my deposits for the year and keep my reciepts and milage. Talk to an accountant about depreciation of large equipment. Insurance (business liabillity) is not required by law, but you would be a fool not to have it, and at $500-$700 per year, it's worth having.

    You need commercial coverage on your vehicles, as most insurance companies wont cover you if you use your vehicle "for profit" - the more you drive, the bigger chance that you will have a claim so they just won't cover you, and an accident is the waaay wrong time to find that out.

    Registered business name is $50 and you'll have to renew it every 2 years, and you need it to get a DBA (doing business as) account at the bank.

    some states require you to get a business lic. but usually you can use your home as an office if you don't have customers coming and going (store front), but you'll have to ask an accountant.
  5. Lefet

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    Exactly what type of monies will you be depositing/cashing? You're pretty unclear about WHAT you'll be doing. Just fert? Or maintenance also? Why 2 mil policy? That's a bit much. (Depending on what you're going to be doing).
    By the way, you also may need a HIC license, again, depending on what you'll be doing.

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