Legality of hiring anyone under age 18

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Samurai WeedWacker, Jun 18, 2000.

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    Well,, I've been a one man band for teh past two years. Last week a friend approached me about if I could use his 15 yr old who has not been able to find a summer job. I'm trying it. The kid seems willing and relatively quick to learn. He's not on a mower by any means, but for help to freshen mulch and fine grade and drag hose for me when I'm seeding I think it will work out ok. Couple days a week, he gets some bucks and I don't have to bust a** quite so much.
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    Wow, more than 19hp!<p>I guess the whole summer I ran a John Deere 644C front-end loader (32,000lbs.) when I was 14 might not have been in compliance with that law! :)
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    Well i think i definitly need to post on this subject, I being a 14 year old have some strong thoughts. I think it should go by your maturety (sp?) level,and your ability to work the equipment properly. Lets say you have a kid like me, i am very mature, with very little practice i can learn to operate any piece of equipment safetly and properly. For example, my grandparents bought a 48hp kubota farm tractor with a loader. I learned how to use it in a weekend, and by the next weekend i was doing heavy work with it! So i think if someone like me walks up to you looking for a job i would give them a little test. see if he can operate the equipment, give him a weeks trial period. i believe the laws around here are a little different. i got my working papers a week after i turned 14 (im almost 15) and i do not remember anything saying that i cant operate equipment, i know i can use a grill, and heavy equipment but it didnt say anything about light equipment. well thought i would mention these things. BTW i am looking for a part time summer job landscaping. I have a job at a garden center, but dont think i am learning all that much and the hours are not that good. i think i would enjoy myself working my but off doing landscaing :)))<br>Thanks,<br>Scottie<p>----------<br>Scottie Schmidt<br>STS Lawn Care

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