Legally in busniess...


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Box Springs, GA
I took 1/2 a day off from my regular job today to get legal documents in order. I live 30 miles from the city that I will do the majority of my work in so I went to their government center to get my license. Well, it turns out they can't give me one and the one from my little county will work across the entire state. However, my county does not issue business license' for lawn care and could only issue me a DBA. I was told it would serve the same purpose as a business license. I then went and opened my business checking account.

So, now I am legally in business and able to accept checks. I am getting my insurance quote Tuesday. Then, I am going to start doing lawns. :0)

I have people asking me when I can get started. I guess I need to get it going before they find someone else. I gave one estimate today for $80.00 but told them I can't go into he areas with no grass. The area is nothing but tree roots and sand. It is the edge of the woodline.


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congrats! I remember that day i thought the hard part was over boy was i wrong then came payroll, fuel, overhead, overhead, lol