Lehr trimmers and blowers?

Discussion in 'Alternative Fuel Forum' started by dutchacres, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Michael2000

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    I have to wonder who's engine Lehr is using, since they are 4 cycle. Ryobi?

    I looked at Lehr equipment after getting fed up with multiple carburetor replacement due to ethanol in gas, but shied away after reading personal reviews that said the equipment was hard to start. Ironically, Ryobi 4 cycle gas engines have the same problem.

    These must be really bad engine designs. Typically, 4 cycle engines are easier to start than 2 cycle, and propane engines are easier to start than gasoline engines.

    I think there is a market here. People are tired of gasoline that doesn't store well, gasoline that absorbs water, and gasoline that often has ethanol over the rated 10%. The propane equipment manufacturers just need to build good quality equipment with easily refillable and economical cannisters.

  2. zturncutter

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    So how has the trimmer and blower held up this year ?
  3. Ecotech

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    I have both and honestly there is an issue with their quality. When they work they way they should there is ample power from the trimmer, but there is a considerable weight to them. The blower is under powered for large cleanups, but for quick jobs it actually works well. I have the mower as well, but it is by far the worst of the group and I couldn't recommend it to anyone.
  4. DR J

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    Would love to see some pics of blower and mower. Ran the trimmer high use heavy load, what an oil spiting green china piece of chit. Can't believe a honda or echo would not just nail this side of equipment down. Glad PERC gave these guys a bunch of money lol.

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