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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by dozerman21, May 4, 2008.

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    I'm looking into a Leica Rugby Laser to attach to my dozer. I think I'll probably go with the 400 DG dual grade. I wanted to see if anyone has one of these and what you think of them. I believe these are compatible with Leica's Automated Machine Control systems. I'm not interested in that right now, but may be in a few years if the work presents itself. For now, just the dual slope.I'd also like to know if anyone who has one of these systems, what you think it should cost, or did cost, to buy the complete kit with a mounted pole on a blade.

    AWJ- I saw in some searches that I did that you were looking at one of these at one time. Did you buy one of these, or something else? I'd like to hear your thoughts. Thanks.
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    I bought one and it is very high quality too say the least.
    I purchased a Rugby 100LR.
    The 400 series is really nice.
    They are super heavy duty and made too last a long time.
    Most machine control will be Laser or GPS.
    I would also purchase the machine control based off of it's ability too easily upgrade too GPS control.

    There was another member here who spoke against Leica because they were more interested in GPS stuff and their Laser side was no longer going too be supported.
    I searched for the post but could not find it.

    Are you getting it from a Dealer or off of the internet?
  3. dozerman21

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    From a dealer... AWJ I sent you a PM.

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