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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cutbetterthanyou, Sep 15, 2009.

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    Is there any kind of lemon law on mowers? I recently bought a new mower now has 150 hrs and i think that it has a blown head gasket. When i bought the mower i started it up used it at the dealership every thing was fine.drove home (1/2 hr away) pull it off the trailer to cut a yard and it cut off. I fooled with it couldn't get it started so they came an got it. they cleaned the carb and put some junk in the carb and fuel good to go. Next morning i start it up and there is a puff of white smoke.I call them they said don't mine it it is the stuff we put in there to clean it run a tank through it and it will clear up. So i gave it the benefit of doubt and gave it about 5 tanks it was still dong it. I stop in on the dealer and asked again about it.he gave me some different stuff said this should clear it up, if not it may be a blown head gasket, keep i eye on the water level.So every morning i pop off the radiator cap it is full, but every morning it is smokeing worse and worst. Today i notice there was a expansion tank for the radiator with a high a low, it is about a 1/2 inch below the low but the radiator is full, it has never ran hot. I guess it is a blown head gasket that was blown since i bought it new. All day i have been pissed, i just paid 10,200 for a mower with a blown head gasket. i don't want it fixed i want them to buy it back.I will get one just like it if they would but i don't want THIS ONE. There is no reason that this mower should have to be majorly work on this new, if i wanted something that has been pulled apart and fixed i would have just keep my old one. Has this kind of thing happened to any of you, is there anything i can get done?
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    IF the head gasket was blown you would have a constant smoke and a sweet smell and you would be loosing coolant. What kind of mower and engine would be helpful. It could be coil related if its a kawi dfi but really we need to know what make engine it is.
  3. cutbetterthanyou

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    It is a kaw 26hp carb. on a hustler 66. not sure if it matters but it is a vertical shaft. Not sure if he is right but my dad said if it is barely blown that water may be getting down on top the cylinder over night when it is not on, but not enough of a leak during the day to notice because it is constantly burning off. I actually have lost some coolant according to the expansion tank (assuming it was full from the factory). I am going to fill it to where it should be and keep my eye on it now enstead of the actual radiator.
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    Next time you start it up, smell the smoke. Are you checking the oil?
  5. heybruck34

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    Lemon Laws are state legislation so it would depend on your state of residence or which state the mower was purchased. As far as I know in NC, the only Lemon Law applies to cars but the discussion I heard about that was years ago- it could have been repealed by now.
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    You may want to contact hustler themselves. I was at a dealer where a customer had obviously damaged the motor and Hustler told the dealer to replace the motor and they will pay for it. Just think what they will do for damage from the factory! Just an idea.

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    Yes it sounds like its a Kawasaki issue not A Hustler Issue. This should be handled through your dealer and he needs to contact kawasaki. They are verry good at standing behind thier products as long as its not a low oil issue. Belive me, they have taken care of some warranty issues that as a customer id be to embarased to even ask them to warranty.

    Kawasaki is top knotch, and if your dealer wont help you out and jsut keeps telling you to poor treatment in your tank, contact hustler and they will find you another dealer who will help with your issue.
  8. cutbetterthanyou

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    It is definitely not a low oil issue i check it every morning. I learned about low oil the hard way with my old dump truck. Do you all think i am over reacting to not want my mower worked on. I really don't want it fixed or replaced. I want i new mower this thing has 150 hrs on it. I really don't want something that has been all pulled apart. If the dealers mechanic isn't a good one i can see this fix or replacement being problems down the road like bolts loosing up and such most likely right out of warranty.I don't carer if it is a mower or a 50k dollar powerstroke i think it is BS to replace anything major like this on something this new.not to mention he is probally going to stick me on some POS trade in with 5k hrs on it for a loaner while mine is being fixed.
  9. Mowing Freak

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    My suggestion, contact the factory. They should help you out or will motivate the dealer for you. If I was the dealer, I would be burning up the phone lines to have your mower fixed if you had spent that kind of money at my shop. I had kind of the same problem with my walker dealer now I am done with Walker all together, at least buying new ones anyway.
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    Not necessarily, I blew a head gasket on my John Deere 777 with a 27hp Kawi and the only thing I noticed was that the overflow tank would have to be filled every couple of weeks. I had it in for some other work and asked them to see if I had a leak somewhere. They found a bad head gasket.

    I too have a lemon and unfortunatly there is not much you can do if the manufacturer doesn't feel the need to step in. My 777 has had four radiators, two head gaskets, then two heads(never once overheated), one hydro pump, every drive pulley, etc...and did I mention that it just passed the 500 hr mark.

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