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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by parkay, Jan 24, 2001.

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    What kind of grass? I cut fescue long (2-1/2"-3"), but on a couple TifGreen (dwarf) Bermuda lawns I use a reel mower & cut it less than an inch (like a putting green). Some people with St Augustine want it short, too.
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    I cut my own lawn at 3". If you scalp the ground, or cut the grass too short, you run the risk of killing it. and if you let it get too long, you can't cut it because it will not fit outof the deck.
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    you younguns just have to larn the hard way.
    2 inch fist cut .up to over 4inches in hot dry.
    I try to make my first cut just before it
    comes out of dormancy.Exception would be feb -
    march drought.Then no cut.
    Now parkay you confused yet lol
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    it depends on how well the grass takes a short cutting and how often you can get to a yard. some of my yards can go to 2 inches in the spring and still be super green, others have to stay at 3inches, fertilizer and water plays a part in this. if the yard doesn't get them obviously it can't take a shorter cutting.
    i agree with the other guys on 3.5 inches in the summer it suits all my yards the same about, some can stay green at 3 and i keep them there. the shorter they are the more they look like a carpet. oh yea shade is a big part to i forgot that up above.

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