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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JTAYLORLAWN, Jan 28, 2007.


    JTAYLORLAWN LawnSite Member
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    This year I am going to try and attain some commercial accounts but when I do the estimates I am curious as to how many weeks of service everybody estimates???? I am in the Northern Ky area. any help would be appreciated

    If anyone has some samples of commercial bids so I can get an idea of how to structure it, That would be great too! Thanks in advance.:usflag:
  2. slawn

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    Most commercial accounts here are for year round maintenance. We over seed with ryegrass in October, year round mowing.
  3. Woody82986

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    If you overseed on the commercials then it should be year around cutting. But if you let the grass go dormant in the winter without overseeding, I would say you would still be looking at a 32 cut minimum for your area.
  4. GreenN'Clean

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    This past year we were cutting until the end of Nov. Usually were done first or second week of Oct. Got lucky this year due to warmer weather...
  5. westwind

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    26 week average up here.
  6. dhardin53

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    my commercial acounts run April 15 to Nov 30. Once a week or as needed.

    The last 4 years i adverage 30 to 40 mows per year. It can varry greatly

    JTAYLORLAWN LawnSite Member
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    thanks alot guys!! as always a BIG help!!:weightlifter:
  8. camden

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    I do 32 weeks avaregae. Here in SC we have fescue, and warm season grasses, I just average it out, the fescues may need a few more and the warm grasses will need a few less.

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