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    Heres a very basic quesion. Im reirrigating a section of an existing system. I need to figure out if 30 feet is an accurate distance for Hunter PGP heads to throw. The zone consists of about 120' of 1" shallow wall pvc supply into 3/4 distrbutors w/6 rotors through a DV100 valve. The system is running on 65 psi reclaimed w/ a 3/4" main, if needed I can bump up to 1" main.
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    30 feet should be no problem, however it will depend upon which nozzles you put in the heads. If you use too large a nozzle 30 feet will be tough.

    The best thing to do would be a flow test.

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    Thanks, I have no7 nozzles in them now. I will be hooking up to reclaimed in a couple of days.
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    I didnt get a bit of that last post water are 3/4 distibutors?
    is this system going to be daisy chained or center fed?
    ? reclaimed water I assume? is that a pump system?
    I would really like to understand this question better. I am all about learning.

    regards, Bruce

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    Reclaimed water is basicaly waste water that has been treated and is then sold back at a very low price. It is supplied by the city. " distibutor" - lines betwwen main line and rotors. I think it is daisy chained. is 30 ' obtainable?
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    If you run all #7 nozzles it won't work. You will run out of water and all the heads will perform poorly.

    How many heads are 180 degrees?
    How many heads are 90 degrees?
    How many are 360 degrees?

    We need to know that to help you decide how to nozzle it.

    If you put the same sized nozzle 90 degrees as you do in 180 degrees you will end up with wet/dry areas. The 90 degreed areas will get twice as much water as the 180 degreed areas. IS DEGREED A WORD?

    Therefore, we need just a touch bit more info.
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    I have never heard of a municipality selling back treated waste water, Wow so your saying they have seperate set of distribution lines to the resident? or are they using regular channels how do they monitor usage? I guess after being on my city council for 8 years and a water and sewer committe member hasnt taught me a thing. I do know one thing, that you cant run 6 pgps with no7 nozzles effectively with that configuration. Daisy chaining is good for about three heads with that size pipe and psi

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    2 are at 45 degrees and 4 are at 180.
    So I need to change nozles to save some water. My book shows no7 heads at60 psi to be 3.7 gpm. I guess Ill need a flow test to see exactly my gpm available.
    REclaimed water is very common down here in florida most cities have it available. Here there is a one time hookup fee and then unlimited use for 10$. Oh, and yes they have seperate water mains.
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    I dought you would have to flow test. Just do the math, use the friction loss charts ad up the gallons per minute through the systems zone. If its static 60 psi I would doubt that once you go through the Backflow preventer and meter you are still at 60 psi more like 50 - 52psi now you go through the valve, how many gallons are you using total if its 12 gpm use 1 inch for 6 heads even if its center fed it wont operate good if you hooked up to a 1/2 horse pump. I wouldnt use anything bigger than a no5# nozzle. 30 ft spacing daisy chained will absolutely not work effectively

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    Im not spacing 30' just head to head and once again Im not using a pump Im using reclaimed city water.

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