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Heres one that hasn't been discussed yet. Does anybody out there know the law on the weight you can haul on a trailer, say an 8 x 20' for example. Is there a limit to how much, is there a special tag required if you go over a certain amount? Do you have to have brakes(should anyway I know that!). I tried to find a D.O.T. site that would help me out but no luck. I would rather be in compliance than get stopped when the D.O.T. is set up on the side of the road.<p>My truck, trailer, and equipment weighed in at 10,400 lbs. I am using a 1/2 ton Chevy, pulling that 8'x 20' trailer. I ask this because I know of a fellow that got pulled over and weighed, he was around 14,000lbs. for some reason. I know he was using a 1 ton Dodge to haul his equipment but he must have had a heavy trailer!<p>Any help here would be appreciated.<br>If there is a web site that will help I will gladly go there too.<p>Homer

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Trailer laws vary from state to state. So you need to check with your state DMV. I'm from the Carolinas. In North Carolina you must have a tag on all trailers and brakes on any open or enclosed trailer over 14 feet. In South Carolina there are no such laws.<p>Also be aware you may need a commercial Drivers License. For example in NC a normal class c is good for trailers up to GVW of 10,001 lbs. and total vehicle weight of 26,001 lbs. Your state may be more or less. <p>Also it is important to make sure you are within the limits of your 1/2 ton truck. What you described would be too much weight for my 1996 Ford F-150 but would be fine for my 2000 F-150.


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Homer, her in Missouri you have a separate trailer license that works for a home made trailer all the way to a 53 footer. You license the truck to whatever weight you can legally scale. I, too, have an 8 x 20 trailer that weighs in at 10,800# with driver and 2 passengers and 3 61&quot; riders, trimmers, gasoline, etc. on the trailer. I have a beyond local 12,000# license and commercial vehicle insurance(VERY IMPORTANT). You can not run regular insurance legally on a truck and trailer engaged in commercial business. Thanks, Lynn


To the origional post, You should find a tag on the tounge of the trailer stating a gross vehicle weight (GVW). If it is not there, look on the title, or owners card. That # is the maximum weight of the cargo, trailer, and accessories. That has nothing to do with the vehicle. Some titles, owners cards, ect list the unlaiden weight. You definatly don't want to get caught being overweight. Fines are steep, $500 plus $1.00 per pound over GVW. That estra ton of soil just cost you $2K.