lesco 100 gallon pump question and permagreen ride on

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by RoyalOak, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. RoyalOak

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    Anybody know a website or place to get a new pump for lesco 100 gallon. And a new transaxle for pergreen ride on spreader?
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  2. RoyalOak

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    guessing with the views and no comments alot of people are looking for the same thing,....good cheap place to get these common parts... somebody must have the trade secret of a place thats great for this and cheap.... please share lol
  3. pugs

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    Some info would maybe help you. Permagreen has built 4 or 5 different iterations of its ride on spreader. There is the Centri, Ultra, Magnum, and Triumph. They dont all have the same transaxle. Depending on model it may be a peerless axle or something else. Either way, you need to look at the old transaxle and get the numbers off of it. You can probably get one that way from any dealer through the transaxle maker. However it will not come with the extra stuff that Permagreen does to them. I know the few I have gotten as replacements had extra coverings installed to protect them from the spray/spread materials.

    Same goes for the pump. Numbers. Get them. Not Lesco numbers, numbers off the pump. Then contact http://www.contree.com/
  4. Breezmeister

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    I've been dealing with these guys for the last few years. I got tired of waiting a week or more for JD/Lesco to get me parts. Plus they are cheaper, in some cases less then half the cost of JD/Lesco.

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  5. RoyalOak

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    Yeah sorry for not leaving more info. Baught them.used and are older but its an older perma ultra with sprayers but.took all the spray stuff off since it was all cracked and broken. Numbers are tough to find as both he tags have rotted off. I believe the pump is a hypro d30. And the ultra from pictures and best guess is the peerless 5 fwd spd transaxle. Got both units for 500.00 200 for one 300.forbthe other. So just trying to keep them.under their value after rebuilds. Thanks for any and all help
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  6. RigglePLC

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    My Permagreen Ultra had a Peerless tranny. 4 speeds(maybe only 3), and reverse. Aluminum...so the outer case is attacked by the corrosive effects of the fertilizer. I have heard they cost about $700 from Permagreen. If its only small holes--seal them up with epoxy or silicone sealer. Talk to a mower shop for a new one. And...figure out a way to prevent fertilizer from accumulating between the cooling fins of the tranny case.

    The Permagreen Ultra spray pump is only about $60 at Tractor Supply company. 12 volts.
  7. Deererunner

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    Ordered from them before and have been great to deal with.
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