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Lesco 16 hp leaf loader

Jerry and Sons

LawnSite Member
Not sure but i tried to get a new debris loader and I was told that lesco is no longer making them and that there are not anymore left overs to be found. Good Luck!


LawnSite Gold Member
Charlotte NC
grassyfras said:
i got a 23 for sale that has way more than that
I tried out a 23 hp Billygoat at a trade show last year (even with wet leaves). It totally made the 16 hp seem lousy. I want one. Why are you selling yours? going bigger?


LawnSite Bronze Member
Why I'm selling.Getting out of business maybe and its cheaper for me to just have someone else I know suck up the leaves instead of paying storage. yes I would have to pay storage for this thing. I have no real property in my name


LawnSite Senior Member
E. Falmouth, Ma.
As of 2 years ago, the Lesco has more than the Billygoat and GiantVac.

The cfm used to be posted on Salsco.com for the lesco unit. I compared all 3 then and found the Lesco to have a little more than all 16hp units and cost less. No brainer.