Lesco 16Hp Leaf Vac


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Grand Rapids, MI
I recently bought a lesco 16hp leaf vac for a good price bad thing is, it needs a new motor does any one know where I can find one? Also does anyone know where I could get a new vacuum hose?

Thanks in advance for your help or in put.


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North East
John Deere Landscapes can order any of the parts for you. The old Lesco stores will be better at ordering it than the original JDL's


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Long Island NY
As long as you have the old motor, I would try to avoid buying from a dealer. I would measure the shaft size, bolt pattern, and shaft height and try to match it up with one online. I have had great luck with small engine warehouse. They have good prices and great customer service. I have ordered a couple of replacement hondas from them. If you cant find anything that will fit, then I would look at the dealer.



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Youngstown, Oh
I get hoses from Youngstown Rubber. They can ship for you. I buy after market hoses. They last longer than factory. You need a hose that is abrasive resistent and it will last a long time. Look them up or I can get you their number. Also you can have it cut to order in anylength. I actually get it 5 feet longer than a stock hose. Helps alot