Lesco 16hp. truck loader?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GLM, Aug 15, 2001.

  1. GLM

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    Guys, I need a truck loader and have a chance to buy a Lesco 16 hp tailgate truck loader. Does any body have one? I also looked at the Billy Goat but the Lesco is much cheaper and they both look good and both have the same engine and hose size. I can get the Lesco with the swing away hitch(nicest one I have seen yet for any loader) for way less than the Billy Goat . Either way I will not be barreling leaves into the truck this fall! Thanks for any info.:cool:
  2. Vandora Lawn & Landscape

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    Speak of the devil, I was thinking about getting that thing myself. Do you know the part # for the hitch? My lesco guy hadn't heard of a swing away model, that's the real kicker for me. Thanks man.
  3. Barkleymut

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    How much is the Lesco and what exactly does the swing away hitch do? I am considering a truck vac this fall but have never used one.
  4. Vandora Lawn & Landscape

    Vandora Lawn & Landscape LawnSite Senior Member
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    I was quoted a price of $ 2095.00 w/o hitch mount. The hitch mount lets it swing away so you can pull the leave out without the loader interfering.
  5. GLM

    GLM LawnSite Member
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    The price I was quoted was on sale next week and it was $2020 and the hitch was $295 not sure if that was on sale. He also mentioned a package price but I can't remember what it was. I will get the part number of the hitch and let you know. This swing away slides into your 2" reciever and it looks like a new bumper for the truck that the vac sits on in the middle. It goes all the way across the truck so you can step up on the ends like a step bumper. Pull one latch and the whole thing swings out to one side so you can dump. Another neat feature on Lescos hitch is that you can buy a 2" adapter that they sell that goes right through your vac hitch so you now have a 2" reciever on the vac hitch and you can still pull a trailer if you can handle the tounge wieght I havent seen this feature on any other hitches. I was thinking of making my own until I saw this hitch. I was looking at the Billy Goat, but localy they are about $2900 with no hitch (alamia has the billy goat for $2375 I believe)and I can get the lesco with the hitch for $2315 plus tax not bad. I should have it next wednesday and will post how it works. Jon G.:cool:
  6. wallzwallz

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    i have a lesco 16 hp leaf loader, this will be its 3rd season,not 1 problem:cool: just watch what you suck up,make sure leaves don't pile up on it, leaves could start a fire,clean air filter daily at least. good luck with it make leaf season a lot easier
  7. Vandora Lawn & Landscape

    Vandora Lawn & Landscape LawnSite Senior Member
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    I was thinking to myself, ya know what would be really cool? If the hitch had a passthrough or place to mount another hitch, but naw, they'd never think of that. Guess I was wrong! :)
  8. Guido

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    the 16hp Lesco and it worked great. Never had any problems with it. I will suggst that you guys invest in a dump body or dump insert for your pickup because there is no way I would shovel all those leaves out, especially if they get a little wet, or even frozen come the end of October if your stil working. The first of 3 years I tried it, I had it on my trailer and it was a nightmare unloading by hand. I then got smart and next year built the box on a 1 ton dump.

    I wish they had that hitch then though, sounds awesome, especially the pass through part so You could still pull your trailer.

    How much toungue weight will it hold?? Just curious.

    Good Luck!
  9. GLM

    GLM LawnSite Member
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    I read that loud and clear Guido! the vac is going on a 1987 Toyota 1 ton with a 6 x 10 stake body with plywood sides that will hold around five yards of shreded leaves, the dump kit for the truck will be an early fall instalation. Packed shreded leaves are no fun to unload by hand. But given the choice I would rather let the vac load the truck and I will unload any day of the week!:cool:

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