Lesco 3-way in a backpack?

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    I was hoping to use Lesco 3-way to spot spray broadleaf weeds in bermuda. I have lost my instructions and did not see mix instructions for backpack sprayers. Does anyone mix this in a backpack and do you have a mix ratio you could share?


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    Whatever the label says about mixing in a backpack sprayer is irrelivant.
    Do you know how many K your pack sprayer will cover? That is the most important thing.!!
    Whether you use a fan tip or an adjutable cone tip, the GPA will be different for each.
    I have my pack calibrated to 1 gallon per K. and mix 1 oz. per gallon or 4 oz. per tank. 80/20 surfac included at 4 oz. per tank
    With the temps being higher and the humidity up, does your area have a 2-4D restriction?? Even at lower rates of .50-.75 oz. per K, the volatility is still imminent.
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    Think is right. Put one gallon of water in tank. Spray concrete until you run out. Measure how much you covered. Mix according to the square feet per gallon. Keep a consistent walking speed, swath width and pressure (if you can). Keep pressure a little lower and you should be able to get 1500 sqft per gallon--maybe even 2000. Use a marker and write the sqft on the tank.
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