Lesco 3-Way Under Big Trees


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Spraying clover/henbit/chickweed with lesco 3-way. I have a customer that has 2 huge pin (or willow) oaks with weed-filled grass underneath. He wants the weeds killed. The label says, "Do not spray roots of ornamentals and trees. Do not exceed specified dosages for any area;
be particularly careful within the dripline of trees and other species." "be particularly careful within the dripline of trees" - what does that mean???????? Don't trip and fall?

Any help would be appreciated! If not 3-way, what?

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label does say that

but a 3-way applied properly at the right rate, wont do anything to a large pin oak

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Most 3-way products if they are the amine formulations employ the caution because of the soil root absorbing herbicides like MCPP and dicamba. These products work in the stem and root of the weed. The 2-4D is only a foliar absorbed herbicide and doesn't act in the soil. With this said, the soil absorbing herbicides could be harmful to certain thin barked trees like maples, willows,etc. Under hard soil conditions.........pretty much all places in my area, the roots aren't that deep from hardpan thus the roots are only 3-4 inches deep. Some herbicides can absorb into the roots and cause feeder root damage. Otherwise, using the product at label rates, under normal conditions and turf free of stresses, you will be fine.
I mentioned amine formulations above. I am assuming the Lesco 3-way is in fact amine and ester formulated. Ester formulations absorb into the cuticle of the weed faster under cooler conditions and will travel faster into shallow rooted plants through the soil. If you are spraying the lawn--around the trees and no irrigation or rain fall occurs within 24-48 hours after the application, then I wouldn't worry to use the 3-way. The other thing to watch for is the outside temperature and humidity levels.

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Never had a problem yet with straight 3 way sprayed near trees. That being said don't go spraying exposed root systems.

Did have a problem spraying Imprelis near trees. Lets not get into that.


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I've sprayed under trees and shrubs with no problems.
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Redbud is one of the most sensitive. For most trees, no problem, if you are not applying over the label maximum rate. Don't worry about exposed roots.

If weeds do not die, you can respray, but the risk is a bit higher. Damage is not usually major. Curled leaves--leaf edges turn up. Petioles curl down.