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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by oceanpotion, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. oceanpotion

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    Went and looked at a Lesco 36"/Kawasaki 460V belt drive today. I wanted to get a brand new one but I'm taking some advice from you pros. I figure this mower will be a good one to used to fixing and operating, a beater so to speak. Anyways, here is the information the seller gave me: "New valves, rebuilt carb, new gears in the trans., hours/year unknown." Any pros/cons, opinions, or maximum prices welcomed.

  2. grandview (2006)

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    Thatz A Start.
  4. SimonCX

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    You would be better of buying a new mower, that mower looks like someone didn't take very good care of it. You will be working on it more then it will be working for you. I would rather spend $2300 for a new one and know how it is being used. Look around on craigslist, sometimes you can find almost new mower for pretty cheap.
  5. oceanpotion

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    Yeah, I wanna get a new one. Don't you think it would be smarter to learn how to operate one using a used mower? Im sure Im gonna have some accidents that would have been easily prevented if perhaps I had more experience with the equipment. The mower is tired and the guy did brag about having 60 accounts before his heart attack. I just was considering this mower because I wanted to get a brand new mower of the same make/model and thought that gaining the operating experience, gaining the mechanical experience, and having a parts inventory at my disposal would be beneficial.
  6. JohnsonLawn

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    Do yourself a BIG favor and get a new Lesco 36" wb. They are very reasonable and if you finance your payments would be dirt cheap. When I started years back, I looked at alot of used mowers and most where beat to hell, so I bought a new one. It makes you feel good having nice equipment to start with and gives you motivation to get customers knowing you have that payment every month. Just my 2 cents.
  7. oceanpotion

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    I called him today and told him the best I could do was 300.00 He told me I was still 200.00 short. I guess I'll save up and get a down payment together for next season.
  8. G.M.Landscaping

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    300 Tops. That's quite an older mower. I sold a 36" Lesco belt earlier this year for $500 that was 10x nicer.
  9. Marcos

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    Important Clue: That flaking decal on the handlebar is the OLD Lesco decal. That means this mower was CERTAINLY made before they went into any joint effort with MTD. If you're a handyman, that really means something if you've seen what has happened to Lesco mowers since about 1999.
    They built quality stuff before that time in Florida, and the mowers they put out in Cleveland since then are nothing but GARBAGE in comparison!!

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