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Lesco 36" WB HELP


LawnSite Member
I just bought a LESCO 36" (used)WB and was wondering how to get to the correct mowing height. This is my first commercial WB so bare with me. I see there is spacers on the spindles but also spacers on the blades. Which do use to adjust cutting height? I would just use the ones on the spindles but figured I would check with you guys first. My first machine was Z and thats easy, I just switch the lever to the 3" mark and done. Then do I just measure from the ground to the blade? (stupid question but maybe there is an easier way).:confused:


LawnSite Bronze Member
Columbus, NE
YOu actually use a combination of the two spacers. Like the table says. But double check with a tape measure. My mower ended up a half inch off from what the table said. My lesco cuts best when I keep the blades lower in the deck, but still have the front lower than the back by 1/4" or so.