lesco 50 # spreaders.

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    Well gentlemen, the verdict is in. I used these small spreaders all season and they are the way to go! They take up far less room in the trucks, they are lighter, slimmer and better balanced than the 1st or 2nd generation 80 pounders and cost half as much! If you are starting out and do all lawns by hand, this is not your best option, for established companys with ride ons and tractors, looking for a small spreader for those inaccessible areas, the 50 pounder is the way to go!
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    No doubt! Used the #50 this summer as well, if the permagreen couldn't do it those little things could. They are so light and take up no room on truck. Only thing I don't like is that they are not stainless steel, won't last forever but what does these days...
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    I think you guys are correct. You will seldom need to put more in the hopper than the 50 pounds capacity. Easy push and easy lift--that is important. Good pattern adjustment--also critical. 5 year guarantee on gears.
    See another thread:

    Does anybody have any experience with the Earthway stainless steel 50 pounder? Does anybody feel that they don't want to use it because it is too small--and looks a little like a homeowner model?
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    Good to know you're a cyclist, too!:drinkup:
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    I got back into riding this year, after a 20 year siesta. Its great to just get out there and go & there are some awesome riding trails on cape cod!
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    Years ago I had purchase the LESCO rotary spreader with the built in drop spreader. I think the thing was at least $600 plus. It weighed a ton which made dumping product in a 5 gallon bucket to apply a different product a real work out.

    The agitator on the spreaders used a POS metal slot moving back and forth to run the thing. The metal slot was cut in a fork that pushed the agitator back and forth. The fork was just cheap tin like metal and would bend down causing the agitator to not work. Lesco gave me a demo while they fixed mine but the demo did the same thing. When I got my spreader back it worked for about 30 seconds and then the drive fork bent again.

    I called LESCO's corperate headquarters in Ohio after my local guys were of no help on a return and got a full refund.

    The best spreader for the money is the Earthway C22SS which is now called the C22HDS. Outsidepride.com and Earthwayoutlet.com used to have the best prices but you could check Russo power as well. You should be able to get one for $330 or less which is a great price for stainless.

    Earthway has sent me free parts several times. I had a hopper sent out with one hole stripped and they sent me a second hopper and required no return. The only reason we needed a hopper was because the spreader fell out of a truck going 70 mph. I was amazed the spreader wasn't totaled.
  7. lawn king

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    The lesco fiftys run around $150. Still waiting for a quality, small/medium alpha aluminum spreader to come on the market
  8. PlantscapeSolutions

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    I'd be willing to bet over 90% of the people who own the 80 lb. style spreaders never put more then a 50 lb bag in them. Pushing 80 lbs of material in a spreader that may weigh 50 lbs is just too much the majority of the time. It's easy to think bigger is better and more efficient but that really not the case. You can work much more quickly and with less fatigue using a 50 lb spreader with a round hopper. Those big square hoppers are a total PIA the empty out a bunch of times a day.

    The Earthway is as good as it's going to get. The cost of decent aluminum (aircraft grade) spreader would be more then stainless. I'm probably the only person chiming in who has owned the best Lesco has to offer (most other spreaders are very similar) as well as the Earthway C22SS.

    I just treated about 250,000 square feet on about 40 properties with Fipronil and only used my truck since there wasn't a lot of material to carry. The Fipronil carrier particles are so small that it will trickle out of the spreader even if the ports are closed. I have to empty the material out into a bucket at every house when I'm done. The C22SS makes doing this very easy since it is probably the lightest weight stainless spreader you can buy.

    I removed the front flap on the deflector kit and put Velcro on the two side flaps to keep them firmly in the up position. You can buy a roll of the commercial grade Velcro at Walmart for a few dollars.

    Everything Earthway makes isn't golden but the C22SS/c22HDS is on the money. Plus you can keep $100+ in your pocket and save your back.



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    looks sweet to me. It appears that the handle mounted pattern adjustment mechanism is at option at $59.95. Adjust on the fly.
    However, I would like to see a lifting handle on the left side (for your left hand) attached to the frame just below the hopper. Easier to lift into your truck--empty or part full. It is simple to add your own, of course--just use some nylon cord run through a rubber hose handle and secure to the frame.

    I would like to see cubic inch or approx pounds measurement lines inside the hopper.
  10. lawn king

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    I can remember how much i hated the original lesco spreader when it came out! After years of using round barrel cyclones, it was a difficult adjustment for me. Keep in mind, im talking well over 30 years ago!

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