Lesco 50lbs spreader anyone has it?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by N0cturnal12, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Mr Efficiency

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    Spiker has a spinner pin Agitator that chews up Materials making clogging dust but pattern is adjustable.
    A friend of mine that has a spyker hopper on a ground logic says can't fill hopper all the way with seed because it doesn't flow right. Also he gets false starts since Materials coated in control products tend Not to start flowing right away when gate plate is opened.

    Lesco push Spreaders are the same way with flow isues but more gentle on materals. When you put a breakthru Agitator in a Lesco Spreader or Permagreen it fixes flow isues and All types of Materials start flowing instantly when holes are opened. Few guys buying new Lesco push Spreaders are buying Breakthru Agitators at the same time I heard from a rep at Site one.
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  2. N0cturnal12

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    Anyone else who has a spreader who can tell me if it is a good buy or if it is made in USA? The nearest SiteOne does not have a 50lbs version and are not sure if it is made in USA. For my application, 50 Lbs is the best. I don't want to go with Spyker as their quality and accuracy is questioned in almost every forum.
  3. Mr Efficiency

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    I looked last night on earthway site and it says they are made in the USA, & not suer if all parts are. I think Lesco Spreaders are made in China but I don't know exactly but I do know the site one staff do assembly at stores of the lesco Spreaders.
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  4. Glwenzl

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    I like that agitator idea!

    Last fall, I purchased the spyker 175 tow behind and regret it a little bit now.

    Seems to do a nice enough job but I'd definitely get something that can block off one side for doing next to streets, buildings, garden beds and so on. But it operates nicely on slopes (glad I got the top cover).

    Now with the 3-point arms hit it making corners or if I use the 3-point recover hitch, it's back there way too far to reach the lever.

    Next thing is I changed up tractors and would prefer a PTO driven 3-point spreader. Maybe electric instead of 540 rpm PTO.
  5. RigglePLC

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    Difficult Glen.
    Vicon spreader is good, but probably major bucks. Around $2600. And it probably throws fertilizer about 50 feet.

    I am sure others have rigged up a long handle on the tow-behind spreader with a ten foot section of pvc plastic pipe.
    Or maybe two ropes. One to open and one with a pulley to pull it closed.

    What about it creative improvisors?

    Show us some pictures.
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  6. foreplease

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    I don't know why you would go with electric if it is tractor mounted and PTO is available. Night and day difference between carrying your spreader vs pulling it.

    Vicon is a good choice for rectangles: tees and fairways. Your passes need to be very precise. I have and prefer the spinner. The spreader Imjust retired threw 54' (depending on SGN) at 540 rpm. My passes were 27' apart, throwing from wheel mark to wheel mark, then do it all in a second direction. There is quite a bit of overthrow but I work in parks and schools. Wouldn't work next to roads or in a subdivision.
  7. Glwenzl

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    I do have a longer PTO cable that was for a grain truck years ago that I thought about using. But I would like to get away from the tow behind since I have the 3-point now.

    I wasn't sure how good of a job the PTO units would do? Never heard of the Vicon, thanks!!

    Sorry if I got this thread OT.
  8. lawn king

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    The lesco 50 lb spreader is the unit i keep on my trucks, its well built, well balanced, easy to calibrate & it does not take up a ton of room on the truck. I do wish they would offer a stainless model. For pto spreaders, sitrex fs spreaders are excellent! I like the fs 300 on my small tractor & the fs 500 on my large tractor. My sitrex spreaders are 10 years old & are just now starting to look a little rough! I have operated vicons on a few occasions but would never buy one, 40 years of rotary spreaders is locked into my brain, i just cant confidently spread with a pendulum spreader.
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  9. foreplease

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    I got the LESCO 50 today to replace an 80 I've had for over 15 years. Almost everything I put down is with a tractor. So far this 50, especially the deflector, is a POS. Spent over an hour putting the deflector on it and cannot see how it will ever work as designed. Hoping I can avoid using or accidentally breaking it before next week when I will be back in the town where I bought it for a doctor's appointment. They're good guys at the branch where I bought it. Hoping they can make sense of it.
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  10. Mr Efficiency

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    I have never used a Lesco 50 lb push Spreader but seen a few from time to time on the floor. I gave up painting frames yearly after having a Lesco trukster spreader years ago.

    What was wrong with the 15 yr old one, must of been stainless right?. Lesco Spreaders are easy to change gear box, bearings if needed, pins and spinner.
    Put a Breakthru Agiator in and you have a transformed Lesco push Spreader.

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