Lesco and Scotts fertilizers

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mikesturf, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. mikesturf

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    I have seen Lesco and Scotts products at the local Home Depot. Are these the same programs/strengths/compounds that the Scotts residential fertilizers trucks spread and is this the same Lesco product that is sold to private licensed and insured applicator companies? I'm talking about the basic 5 step weed and feed granular program.
  2. Hamons

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    From what i've seen -- the Lesco products are the same -- but not as many choices. They'll usually only have one available or maybe two.

    They cost more for a licensed applicator than at Lesco -- so I don't know why anyone would buy them, but......

    I don't knwo about Scotts
  3. SodKing

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    Lesco produces the Scotss fertilizers for the Scotts company. Scotts got out of the production side a few years ago.
  4. Soupy

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    I thought Anderson makes Scott's fertilizer? I know they make thier Spreaders.

    I do know that the Scott's guy's that service my area don't use the same stuff you buy as a home owner. Most of the time they use Lesco. I'm sure they use Andersons too.
  5. mikesturf

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    It just seems kind of strange that the same product is available to lisenced, trained, insured and permitted applicators as it is to the unknowledgeable homeowner.
  6. workaholic

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    I would have to say it is not the same product but I have not been to a home depot store for awhile.
  7. Hamons

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    Any walk down the home depot aisle will show you products that you and I would need a license to use in a customers yard?

    The same would hold true for the hammers and nails. A contractor needs a license to use those when building someone else's house. When a person is being hired to do the work -- then their is a seperate set of expectations for them.

    As far as the fertilizers being the same -- th eLesco brand is irrelevant. Their is no appreciable difference in the products between the brands in relation to the use by professionals. They all cary basically the same ingredients in the same percentages. If anything, Lesco may be the cheaper made of most avialable at Home Depot.
  8. lordohturf

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    Let's set the record straight.

    The Scott's product you see at Home Depot or any other retail store is just that, a retail product.

    The Lesco product you see at Home Depot is produced for Home Depot, but is very similar in analysis; however, not exactly what you get at the Service Centers.

    Anderson's owns makes and distributes the Scott's commercial line of fertilizers. It carries the Scott's name.
  9. Runner

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    Thank you for clearing that up... I was just about to post on that, also. Lesco does not make the ferts for Scott's. Up to about a year ago, some of the Scott's franchisee's DID use Lesco ferts (labeled Lesco), however, due to some controversy about representation, the Scott's franchise has now requested all franchisee's to stop using Lesco. It was creating too much uproar with some customers. (Like what's the big diff....).
    Anyway, as far as chemical products being bought and sold by places like home depot, in the vast majority of the cases, all the things that are applied by licensed application companies are available right at these stores. The active ingredients are all right there. As far as the spreading concentrations, that's all the same, as well. The mixing directions boil down to the amount of AI per area, as mandated by the DOA. The only difference in a service is....the fact that you are paying for 1. A service to have this applied, professionally, by knowledgable people who know what to use and what amounts to use in just cases. Also, in this service, you are not having to bother with mixing chemicals on your garage floor, or wherever, and getting your shoes wet applying it.
    One other difference, is that while the chemicals themselves for the most part are the same, is that when they are purchase professionally, they are usually of higher concentrate, due to bulk purchase. This does NOT mean that the AI is any stronger than what you buy from home depot, however, in most cases, it is found that thsince there are lower percentage rates in retail products, through mixing and such, the chemical does end up getting dilluted to amounts that provide unsatisfactory results - thus ending up in the necessity for repeated applications.
    Now, mind you...this does NOT hold true to all pesticides... Many times, there are products and chemicals that are just not available to the average consumer, not due to law, but just retail demand. These places just do not carry many products because there just isn't much call for it, and/or there is a lack of knowledge either about the existence of the product, or the uses.
    Also, of course, there are products that are just not available to the public in general. These are known as RUP's - or Restricted Use Pesticides. These require a license to purcahse, many times a licence to transport, a licence to possess, and a licence to use. This is a whole different ball of wax, though.
  10. Ric

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    Yep Scotts is just a Brand name. Scott's brand name is very powerful though. Truth is If you were to price the cost of fertilizer in the bag, and the cost of the bag with Ink on it. Which costs more?? Just might be a toss up. Scott's 29-2-3 @ $18.00 per 30 lb bag is a real profit maker, to say it nice. I could of said Ripp Off.

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