lesco attempted to shaft me

Discussion in 'LESCO' started by mak2, Mar 25, 2006.

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    well I dont want to talk behind your back so I will send you a copy of waht I posted on the forum and sent to customer service.

    On Thursday I went to the local lesco distributor at Harding Street and 465 on the Southside of Indy. I explained to Brent I had just finished my class at Purdue and don’t really know a lot about the business, and asked for his help.

    This was on Thursday and I ordered the Rotary Hi-wheel Spreader and 6 bags of dimension to get started on a few lawns I have already bid. Brent priced the dimension at $17.69 per bag. The spreader was priced at $349.00 with the remote control shield and deflector extra, 79.95 extra to be exact. I also ordered the Cover for 15.95. Brent said if I wait till satureday to pick it up he would have the shield installed for me and everything. When I went in today (Saturday) I asked the guy who was working, Brent was off, to check the price I believe it was 349 with the $80.00 deflector included. No he said it was not. Then I picked up the Spring Expo add right there in front of me and showed him the add with the picture clearly showing the deflector with remote control for $349.00. So much for helping out the new guy, try to screw him for 80 bucks. Then he said that picture was kinda deceiving, it really was not included. I have the prices in writing and what Brent hand wrote, when I figure out how to use this scanner I will scan it in. But that was not enough. He said they did not have a spreader to sell me, if they could not screw me out of $80 (oops he really did not say that part). He really just said they did not have any spreader available. I have not ran into people who do business like this for a long time. So now I have accounts to service in the next two weeks and no spreader. Can someone in Indy recommend a good distributor? I might have to go to home cheapo and buy a homeowners unit. It would be nice to find a distribuor you could trust when you are just starting out. IT AINT LESCO.
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    Thanks for posting your message - I appreciate the fact that you took the time to pass along your issues.

    Let me be very clear about this - while the guys in the local store may not have communicated this as clearly as they could have, they did not do anything to decieve you or take advantage of you. What the store manager told you is correct - the price of the spreader should be $349 and the third-hold deflector kit is approximately an extra $80.

    However, I do understand why the photo in the Spring Expo flier created some confusion, and I apologize for that. The store guys had nothing to do with that flier, and it's something that we could have done better at the corporate level to make the specific details more clear.

    If you are interested and willing to give us a second chance, we will provide you with the third-hole deflector kit and the hopper cover at no charge, and I will make sure that we get one of these units to you by one week from today, even if we do not have one in that local store.

    Again, I apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced. LESCO served more than 150,000 customers last year, and while our goal is to deliver perfect service every time, we can clearly always get better. I do think that we get it right much more often than we get it wrong, and I think you are exactly the kind of business thta we can provide the most value to as we help you put your degree to work and get your business off the ground.

    Please contact me at 800/321-5325 so we can get you the spreader along w/ the additional parts you are looking for. Thanks again for sharing your concern.

    Bob West
    Director of Marketing
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    Hey Bob, Thank you for getting back to me. What made me so angry is the guy pointed at the deflector and said "that is kinda decieving". Well I dont think there was any room for confusion. Yes I would very much like to use Lesco products. If you can get me the deal in the flier for $349.00 and Brent said it would be assembled, and the dimension for 17.69 per bag and a cover at 15.95 I would love to forget this whole thing ever happened. I will also tell everyone I talked to when I was fuming you completely took care of it. OK? Will I need to pick it up at the distributor? I can pick it up Wednesday the 29th or April 4th in the late afternoon. Have I even told you my name and stuff? How will the distributor know to hold it for me? I would call the 800 number but it is about 10 pm and time for me to hit the rack. Just email me at your convience.
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    I think that Bob is really taking care of you on this one.
    I would give him a call 1st thing tommorrow morning, forget the email and talk to him personally.
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    So, just out of curiosity, how many pounds of dimension are you getting for $17.6?
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    I work 7am to 8pm in a very busy ER, and it is twice as busy on Mondays. I will call him today if I get a chance.
  7. mak2

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    :) Thanks Bob for fixing everything. I have my spreader and everything. Good job Guys, sorry I went off the other day, I get like that sometimes, Sorry. :cool2:
  8. Bob West LESCO

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    Glad we got this resolved for you, and I appreciate you bringing this situation to our attention and giving us a chance to earn your business.

    Best of luck this spring,
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