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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. americanlawn

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    Is anybody else tired of this LESCO bashing? I know I am.

    Some say their business is too small to get a decent price from LESCO. Well -- if one makes small orders, one should also expect a higher price tag. That's common sence.

    Others bring up the point that LESCO managers nolonger drive home company vehicles. Sounds like a good deal to me.............

    I drove home a company vehicle for years, but when ChemLawn realized that start-up companies were competing, they chose to become more efficient. So there were no more "free" trucks for managers. BTW I never complained, cuz I understood.:usflag:

    IMO - LESCO has been the only company which has most allowed my lawn care company to PROFIT. year after year.

    It's so easy to complain, but life's short. I've been called a "LESCO lover" on previous posts, and I'm proud of it. Cuz of many reasons.

    Anybody else glad they had LESCO for a friend?
  2. Victor

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    I'm really glad you have such a great relationship with Lesco. In your case, I have no doubt that they're your best option as a supplier. My stance on the issue has been and always will be that if anyone thinks they are their best option, they'd be crazy not to deal with them.

    Like I've said on many other occasions though, in my situation, I have options available to me that would make it foolish for me to deal with them. Why would it make sense for me to pay $10 more for a bag of fertilizer from them, when I can get a bag of fert, with the exact same analysis from the vendor I do use, for $10 less? Buy a pallet of fert and the price difference is huge! The same thing goes for the example I used about a gallon jug of Q4. Paying $64 more for a gallon jug of Q4 than I need to just wouldn't make sense.

    I'm really getting the impression that pricing structures vary widely with Lesco. When I see some people like you say that they get products from them that are competitive with other vendors in your area, that's the only thing that I can figure is going on.

    Around here, they're not even close to any of the other suppliers. I hope you realize that I'm not trying to bash them, I'm just rationalizing my decision process.
  3. rcreech

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    BIG Lesco fan here!

    I buy almost 100% of my fert and chem from them (excluding Lowes product :laugh:).

    They treat me great and thier prices are the same on some things, and better on most!

    I agree that it is a volume thing though!

    Buying a few bags here and there from Lesco will put you out of business!
  4. Mike Fronczak

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    I used to buy everything from them (from mowers to fert & in between). Then the managers left new guys that didn't know me or my fleet, needless to say they lost 99% of my business. I now have 2 newer JD mower (still have the older Lescos as fleet gets updated there getting phased out), app stuff comes from different suppliers now also, uless I need to I rarely go there, where I used to stop in durring winter, chrismas card to them, etc.
  5. moores

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    I have had no major problems with Lesco at all and have been dealing with them for a few years now.. The thing that people don't realize is that yes if you go in there and buy a bag of fert once a month or whenever you need it.. You should be charged more than a guy like me who goes in there and buys 25 bags at once and spends alot of $$$ a year there.. And so far even though they have been bought out the same guys I have been dealing with are still there
  6. Victor

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    People in my area that buy considerably larger amounts of product from them, still pay much more than I pay my supplier for product even though I'm not a huge company. Like I said before though, I'm sure Lesco's prices vary from market to market. If you have a good situation going, that's great.
  7. green horizons

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    Lesco. Good product, fair service, poor business model. Literally, I buy two pallets for round one and three pallets for round two, at the same time on Monday. On Wednesday I need three additional bags for round one because I picked up new customers. How much more did I pay for those three bags? Nearly 3x my cost from Monday. I get the volume thing. I'm not buying a few bags per month. It's not bashing, it's business. South store calls, gives price quote, I happen to be at the North store but they want 30% more than the price quoted from the South store... What's my price today??
  8. FdLLawnMan

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    Lesco, or should I say John Deere Landscapes, because that is who they are now, have been very fair to me. One of the things that they did do was take some of the pricing power from the service center mangers. It seems like the pricing discretion between stores was leading to stores competing against each other, which I think JDL is trying to stop. The prices I paid for my fertilizer is very fair compared to other vendors in my area. One thing that is important to me is the type of polycoat that Lesco/JDL uses. There are basically three coatings that are used. Poly-S from Scotts, Poly Plus from Lesco and a generic poly coating used by many fertilizer blenders. I firmly believe that the Lesco & Scotts to be superior to the generic one in that it lasts loner by several weeks in my little experiments. Also, the fertilizer from Lesco is a consistent prill size and is extremely clean. I have used other ferts and my spreader does get dirtier faster and I have more problems plugging. As far as chemical prices, they have been very competitive in my area.
    As far as the truck usage goes. Would you give one of your employees a vehicle for personal use and pay all the expenses. I know I wouldn't. They should give the service center managers a raise for taking it away but that is corporate America.
    My opinion is this, use what works for you and keeps you competitive. If you have a problem with Lesco/JDL, no one is forcing you to use them, just move on. No need to bash the heck out of them.
  9. Runner

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    They've always been good to me, too. But for some reason, they have raised their prices this year.... (Just being facetious). The thing that gets me, is that people always put the blame for the world market on Lesco (or better yet, the JDL buyout).
  10. ted putnam

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    I have stood back and watched several of these threads about Lesco...good and bad. Everyone is going to purchase their products with the suppliers they are comfortable with. This comfort can be from the price they get, the quality of product they get or the assistance they get from that suppliers rep whether it be Lesco or anybody else. LCO's are going to deal with who they're going to deal with for their own reasons. Not everyone is going to understand why or why not. That's just the way it is. Prices are going up across the board. There's no way around that. On a more cheerful note! For those that do buy from JDL. I got some good news today from a trusted and old friend that now works there. He said barring major disaster, Fertilizer prices are now stable for the upcoming year. All I know for sure is we are in for a challenging year no matter who we buy our supplies from. Good Luck to everyone!

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