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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Roger, Oct 28, 2006.

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    I have an 8hp (B&S, side valve) Lesco wheeled blower. Bearings on one of the wheels is loose, and requires repair. These blowers have been taken off the market for a few years, and the local shop is at a loss to get parts, even to provide parts drawings.

    Does anybody know where I might find bearings, bushings, etc to rebuild the assembly?
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  3. Roger

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    MowerMedic77 ... Thanks so much! My wheel does not look like the one on the file. Mine has some washers, spacers, and roller bearings. However, I find a telephone number and other references there that may be of help to me.

    I have had the blower for probably about seven years. That wheel never has been quite right. They rebuilt it for me soon after purchase, but I don't think all the parts were put together right. Now, the wheel is much looser and I can feel the housing roll on the bearings as it turns.

    I appreciate the link.
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    No problem, glad to help:)
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    As a follow up ...

    I reviewed the info mowermedic77 gave me in the link. The blower in the link is a newer model, post-2002. My unit is about 1999 model.

    I used the Lesco customer service number in the link reference above and called them. I got a voice box, and was asked to leave my name, number. I thought "how long will it be, how many days to get a call back?"

    Within about 15 minutes I got a call. The man was very helpful, knowing exactly the machine I have. He informed me the parts catalog was not online, but he would be happy to scan his copy and e-mail me a copy. Also, he told me the bearing part number, but wanted me to check the drawings and parts list before ordering.

    Within about 15 minutes, I had an e-mail with several pages on a .pdf file. The file contained all the drawings and parts list for my blower.

    The bearing is not an official part number on the list. Rather, the part is a "wheel assembly" that includes hub, bearings, and tire. I confirmed with a tech support person the bearing was sold separately, despite not being a part number on the list.

    I placed the part order, and two days later, a package was in my door, with the bearing.

    I have since made the replacement, and the new bearing solved the sloppy wheel problem.

    The only difficulty is the old nut on the axle was a 5/8-18 Nylock nut, thin (about half the width of a typical nut). I had great difficulty getting the old one off because much of the inside of the nut was worn away because of the loose bearing. The only replacement nut I found at the hardware store was a full-width nut, with nylon insert. The replacement nut does not engage the nylon locking material as fully as it should. The thin one left about two exposed threads on the outside.

    I will attempt to find a thin 5/8-18 Nylock nut and make a replacement. The full-sized one works, but may be subject to loosening because of the full engagement of the nylon. Where should I look for a thin one? Or, will I have to make another order from Lesco for the part?

    Two things:

    (1) Thanks to mowermedic77 for getting me on the track to a successful repair,
    (2) A commedation to the customer service staff at Lesco, both the tech support and ordering group. Their speedy and helpful service is unusual these days.
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    When I run across a nut situation like this I use a regular nut. I set it on edge on my bench vise and use a small center punch and peen a couple places on the edge of the nut as below. The result is like a standard lock nut without the nylon insert.

  7. Roger

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    Restrorob -- Thanks for the suggestion. Your idea sounds like a good one that can easily be done.

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