Lesco coming to Home Depot?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JJOHN22042, Sep 15, 2002.

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    – LESCO, Inc., has been chosen as a supplier to the Home Depot Landscape Supply pilot stores opening in August and September.

    "LESCO branded products are the preferred choice of the lawn care contractor," said Michael P. DiMino, President and Chief Executive Officer of LESCO. "We have been successfully supplying professional grade products to Home Depot’s traditional home improvement stores and our product line will extend naturally into its pilot stores."

    Home Depot intends to open three stand-alone pilot stores dedicated to the landscape business in its headquarters’ city of Atlanta. The new stores will target the professional landscaper and the avid do-it-yourself enthusiast. LESCO will supply professional-grade fertilizer and combination products for the professional lawn care customer under its own brand. The company has been a supplier to Home Depot for the past 10 years and is supplying fertilizer, combination products and seed to more than 800 of their locations.

    "It’s important that we show our professional landscape customers that we’re serious about serving their needs," said Todd Williams, director, Home Depot Landscape Supply. "LESCO is a name recognized by landscapers as a company with professional grade products. This is why we thought LESCO products would be a good fit for our pilot stores
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    This type of thing is why we don't buy our products form Lesco as they are our competition. It seems to me that more lco's would feel the same and not buy from the competition. Ex. McDonalds doesn't buy it's meat from Hardees. If they did what is the need for Mcdonalds, why not skip the upcharge and get the smae product from the source if you can.
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    I guess I'm missing something here. What do you mean by "competition"? Seems that this is just another source to get the Lesco products to more areas. And I do believe that if you check the prices you might find that you will get the same product at the Lesco warehouse a little cheaper. At least that has been my observation. I purchase from Lesco and intend to keep doing so even though a local Home Depot carries some of their products now.
  4. The Mowerdude

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    When buying at Lesco, one of the "PERKS" is that the sales staff here, is very knowledgable and able to give good solid answers to the questions that professionals ask. On the other hand, if the "experts" at Home Depot had that kind of real world praticality, they wouldn't need to work for Home Depot. So, are we to buy our stuff at Home Depot and then call our Lesco store for advice?

    Also, when I sell an overseeding job, I have a higher measure of confidence offering Lesco's Teammates and I like knowing that my local Home Depot can't get something that I can. If Teammates is available at Home Depot, the customers will begin to wonder what they're paying me for.

    NO!! I don't like this at all!!

    I hope Lesco reads this thread. If Lesco products become available at Home Depots across the nation, it may sell more product initially, but what impact will it have on the professional community? ....or on Lesco in the long run?

    Echo did this some time back. Years ago, Echo was considered to be professional grade tools. We only got them at the dealers that specialized in selling to the pros. Then they went into Home Depot and many of the LCOs around here stopped buying them because if it was available at a "discount" store, there must have been a good reason for it, namely, they were cheapening it. Also, when folks bought Echo products at Home Depot and then needed to have them serviced, guess what?!! Home Depot wouldn't do it. So the customer had to take the Echo to the dealer that was selling it before Home Depot undercut him.

    My dealer explained it to me that, in order to carry Echo products, he had to agree to provide service. But Home Depot got an exemption. Then when he found himself buried in service from Echos that Home Depot sold, he just quit selling them.

    Now, the only time you see an Echo product, it's usually in the hands of a homeowner. There's an extremely small percentage of LCOs around here that use Echos.

    So what I'm saying is this. If Lesco goes into Home Depots everywhere, they will really cheapen their products in the minds of the consumers.

    Oh, here's another example. In all the time I've been in business, I have never ever had a customer want me to use Scotts or Penncoat products. They've always viewed me as a professional and assumed that I would use a higher grade product. I've always supported that assumption by using Lesco products, but now it looks like I'll have the props knocked out from under me.
  5. TurfGuyTX

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    I'm glad Home Depot is going to carry some Lesco products. Though I'll probably still get mine at a Lesco service center, it's nice to know Home Depot will offer a little more.

    I don't feel bad for the dealer's servicing Home Depot's Echos either. They are not doing it for free. The dealers still get the business because they offer more than Home Depot in selection.

    I beg to differ that professional LCO's don't use Echo. Just like Stihl, Red Max, Shindaiwa and many others, Echo is used by many pro's. Just not always the models offered at Home Depot.
  6. soccer coach

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    Last year I had a customer tell me to pass on mowing the rest of the year. She went on to tell me she bought a John Deere like mine at Home Depot, not. Mine,JX 85 cost around 800.00 hers a homeowners mower that cost about 300.00. I like my JD but it made me think, do my customers think that they have the same equipment I use in the shed? I buy my seed from Helena Chemical and it just so happens my customers can't get the seed on their own. My lesco spreader says blank now as I removed it so my customers wouldn't even think I got my products from them. Helena will not sell back door to the public and will sell to you so you can make a fair profit. Sorry but this strikes a nerve that others can't see the light. If you can't understand why this practice shouldn't be supported then you just failed the scrub test my friend.
  7. TurfGuyTX

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    Does $200K + gross annually fail the scrub test? I don't even want to start comparisons. Would you drive an extra 25 or more miles to get unplanned bag of fert when you could get it 6 blocks away? If so, good for you. You don't have to support Home Depot. Everyone can make their own decision.

    Many thought that neighborhood hardware stores were history because of Home Depot. I've seen many of them flourish. They know people will come to them for service and knowledge that Home Depot doesn't always offer.

    If you don't like Lesco and Home Depot shop somewhere else. That's the great thing about this country, you have a choice.
  8. soccer coach

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    I understand about an occasional bag because it's close, that isn't what I meant. I live in a market that a big chemical co. tested selling the companys lawn program at Home Depot. Then Lesco followed by bringing in Lesco products to the store. I watched my buddies construction biz take a hit from Home Depot by hiring out cheap labor to do installs and by doing that driving down the price on everything. The average homeowner can add, they see a bag fert do the math and find out they can use the SAME product as you but do it at a savings.
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    yeah, but also if you have to have something serviced at that dealer, be it an echo product or otherwise, now you have a wait because every homeowner took their home depot bought stuff there for repair. downtime=no money.

    just a thought.
  10. TurfGuyTX

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    The dealer's that do my work, do it the same day if they have the parts they need. They put all commercial LCO's ahead of homeowners. I enjoy the added service. I hope alot of you guys have dealers that do the same for you.

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