Lesco coming to Northwest????????

Discussion in 'LESCO' started by Evergreenpros, Feb 14, 2006.

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    I want my Lesco in Tacoma!!!! I want to get online and get a price for whatever I need. I want to go to one place to pick it up, heck let's get delivery going. Top quality? bah.... Best price? bah.... Decent quality at a fair price? now we're talking. Service of equipment? No thanks, don't need some kid breaking 10x as much as he fixes Parts? No thanks, nobody stocks crap anymore anyway, I order everything online and it's here in 24-72 hours. Why have a dealer anyway, you just walk in and they say they have to order it, that's 2 trips there minimum. Why not order from the convenience of your office/home?

    300 stores and not one in Washington, with our super long growing season in the Puget Sound area?

    I see Lesco equipment on trailers from time to time even with no outlets here. I hate shopping, I want everything in one store.... Come on Lesco!!!! :laugh:
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    We hear you loud and clear, Evergreen. Thanks for the positive words. I assure you that we spend considerable time talking about the growth opportunities in the Pacific Northwest. We see room for at least 250 additional LESCO Service Centers across the country, and we certainly see Washington and Oregon as being home to some of those opportunities.

    At this point, we continue focusing on new store opportunities in areas where we are already strong and where we can better serve current customers. But we're also looking at new markets, as illustrated by recent new store openings in Las Vegas, the San Jose, Calif., area and the Florida Panhandle. We just want to make sure we can do things right when we get up to your area, so we appreciate your patience.

    Thanks again,
    Bob West
    Director of Marketing

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