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Lesco cutting height adjustment?


LawnSite Bronze Member
Cleveland Ga
Ok guys, another question here. I've got a 36" LESCO hydro walk behind. The manual (if you wanna call it that) is very vague (to me) on cutting height adjustment.

It has spacers on the front casters, 2 deck heights, and something about blade spacers.

I've got the deck set in the lowest holes, and all the spacers above the casters and it is still at around 2.5". What I'm not clear on is how/where the blade spacers go.

Can anyone help me here? I need to get down to around 2".

Thanks in advance.


LawnSite Senior Member
Each spacer is 1/2". Remove a spacer on each side and move it to the top. You should then be at 2".


LawnSite Senior Member
yea that or the front wheels. U dont want to be adjusting the blade spacers on the job so set it at a middle of the road height and then just adjust the front spacers.