lesco equipment museum

lawn king

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Let me know when lesco opens an old equipment museum. I will donate one of my 2 lesco 30 core aerators, purchased in 1985. They have both gone around the earth twice and will go twice more. I wish they chose to do a redesign instead of the axe on that machine.


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I have 2 of these units also, cant understand why I never se anyone else using them? they are much easier to use than the ryan or bluebird type aerators. Have you added any weight to yours for better penitration? I have been looking at the plugr but for the $ I think I will keep using the old reliable lesco 30.
Thanks for the feedback, Lawn King. We have been very pleased w/ the success of our new aerators. The biggest problem we have w/ them is building them fast enough to keep up w/ the orders, especially w/ a heavy aeration season like this one has been.